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How to Write a Great PPC Ad Copy

A pay-per-click (PPC) ad copy is a powerful tool that can entice your target audience to click through and learn more about your product or service. A compelling ad copy is attractive, engaging, and informative.

However, there is more than just writing a good copy. A great PPC ad copy helps drive conversions and boost brand awareness.

Here are some tips on writing an excellent ad copy:

Highlight Your Unique Selling Proposition

Before writing your PPC ad copy, analyze the strengths of your brand and its unique attributes. As said by Digital Authority Partners, use short and creative words that show how the brand is a better deal and mention the brand’s benefits.

A brand’s unique selling proposition (USP) helps marketers focus on the best message to tell the target audience. It can be just a phrase leveraging verbs to convince users that the brand has a unique element they cannot find in other products or services.

For example:

  • Get Creative Personalized Digital Invitation with Laser-Cut Lace Prints for All Occasions
  • Amaze Guests with Customized 3D Animation Digital Video Invitation for Events
  • Enjoy Instant Photo Prints with Polaroid Cameras for Kids’ Party
  • Bring Life to the Party without Breaking the Bank with All-in Kids Party Package

Research Thoroughly

Know your target audience and learn how your competitors run their advertisements. You can run mini-surveys among your target audience and ask them what they look for in a product or service similar to yours.

Conduct market research to understand how your brand’s competitors write their ad copy. From your findings, craft unique words to leverage your brand’s USP and benefits.

Research helps determine how your target audience responds to ads depending on their channel or platform. Also, discover new competitors as PPC competition becomes tougher every month.

Devote at least a day each week to run market research so you can stay updated with relevant and engaging digital marketing trends in 2022.

Produce a competitor analysis to improve your brand’s online position and increase your market share.

Be Objective

A great way to attract your target audience is to appeal to the rational mind. To do this, give the target audience facts and a reason to get your product service.

Focus on important facts about your brand or offer. Facts could be promo period, discount rate, statistics, or anything you can prove your brand does or can do. That means you can include outcomes that your product or service promises.

State clearly how your brand provides the means to produce tangible results. Provide additional benefits to persuade users to complete the transaction.

Some examples are:

  • Watch Same-Day Edit Video Right on Your Special Day
  • Experience Whole Day Photobooth Non-Stop Prints for Events
  • Avail of a Stress-free All-in Photo and Video Coverage With Same Day Edit
  • Get your Photos in Minutes With Magazine-Style Lay-out
  • Hire an On-Site Coordinator to Guarantee Full Execution of Program Event
  • Rent Our Polaroid Cameras for Instant Party Photos All Day Long
  • Sign-up and Get 20% Off on Selected Items.

Inform your target audience how they can learn more about your brand or promo by leaving links to your website. Link building helps ad copies gain a high click-through rate and increase brand awareness. This PPC paid method is suitable for your ad copy and will help improve your campaign results.

Add Numbers

PPC marketers use numbers in ad copies to support the brand’s claim. You can use a percentage of recommendations from clients or government-sponsored tests.

Numbers such as discounted prices and low rates are eye-catching. You can display sale prices and compare them with the original price to persuade more users to purchase. You can also mention a buy-1-get-1 promo to entice customers to click through your ad to learn more about the promo.

Numbers in the headlines help create a compelling copy and could entice readers to click through an ad. You already have a lead you can convert to your landing page. The more lead you get, the better chances for sales you have.

Some examples are:

  • Wear Your Design for Only $2. Get Your Custom T-Shirt Print within 24 Hours
  • Shop Now! 30% Low Price for All T-Shirts and Jeans.

According to Entrepreneur Magazine, a copy is not converting because the brand has not built enough trust with the clients. So, make it an effort to include words that show assurance of quality service and reliable partnership. You can create an ad copy that says, “100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back. 25 Years of Serving Happiness in a Cup.”

Keep in mind that when you flash a deal, be sure to fulfill promises on discounts.

Focus on Emotions

When your target audience reads a copy that appeals to their emotion, they tend to click your ad. Doing so leads them to learn more about your product or service. Craft the message in a way that will invoke your expected reaction to the brand.

You can try crafting messages with affirmation and humor to prompt people to look with interest at your product or service.  Furthermore, write a copy that persuades your target audience to fulfill their aspiration through the key benefits of your brand.

Some examples are:

  • Get a Slimmer Body with No Exercise; Burn Fat While Sleeping.
  • can’t Wait to Wear that Black Dress? Avail Laser Liposuction and Get Back in Shape in 24 Hours.

Use Call to Action

An excellent PPC ad copy includes a call to action (CTA) that helps seal the deal. The CTA convinces your audience to engage by either purchasing a product, signing up for a newsletter, or learning more about the brand. CTAs increase the click-through rate of the PPC ad campaign and are an excellent determinator of the ad copy’s effectiveness.

Remember to lead customers to click the CTA button by adding information about the action. Use helpful verbs for CTAs: purchase, view, call, register, and discover.

Use other creative words to entice your target audience to hit the button. Some other examples are: save, join, get, shop now, and request a quote. Include solid or creative verbs in headlines to guide the users on what to do next on your website. Ensure that the landing page contains relevant content corresponding to the CTA button.

Also, place the CTA button in the upper portion of the landing page to make it noticeable. Forbes said it would be best to focus on one CTA per page so that customers have clear instructions to follow.

Final Words

To write an excellent PPC ad copy, you must think of your brand’s best assets and showcase them through words irresistible to your target audience. Use words that your brand’s target market is familiar with and which evoke a special effect to them. Study well the benefits of your brand and highlight them in your ad copy.

You can use other advertising appeal strategies to boost your PPC ad campaigns. Remain true to your words by fulfilling your promises in the ad copy.

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