Ideiio Tells us about Some of the Best Practices For Identity Governance And Administration

Identity governance and management helps businesses to effectively manage complex business challenges, and reduce operational expenses, reduce risk and fortify security, improve audit and compliance operation, send fast and efficient access into your small organization enterprise.

Identity governance and management helps and simplifies procedures like access certificates, access permissions, password administration, and provisioning. By automating most of these factors, it helps to reduce the costs associated with IGA.

Identity governance and administrations enable businesses to confirm the ideal controls are set up to fulfill the privacy and security requirements of regulations such as SOX, HIPAA, along GDPR.

Below are some of the best practices that help Identity Management solutions to be at their most efficient and effective form.

1. Identity should be the base of all security decisions:

Making security decisions like giving access to something or any security changes should be based on the identity of the user. Let it be a person, a device, a car, or anything or anyone that uses the information or resource of your company should be assigned an identity.

So the first and one of the most important practices for a better IGA is to identify everyone and every device or anything that has access to your company’s information. After that, you can determine how much access to the information to be given to anyone.

2. Strategic plan is a must:

Once all of the people and devices have been given an identity, it’s time to create a plan for giving certain access to certain people and devices. The decisions of which access to keep and which access to not keep depends on the priorities of your organization and the risks.

After creating a common decision based on a discussion with all members of the organization, now you can make a plan for identity management depending on the risks.

Most organizations or companies start with privileged accounts such as administrator accounts. These accounts have control over everything, hence these stay at the highest risk of attacks.

Administration privilege should be limited to only some specific users. These accounts can cause a lot of trouble if gone into the wrong hands. “With power comes responsibilities”.

3. Your system should be versatile:

Organizations reorganize sections, changing people into new jobs without even notifying IT. Partners, builders, and clients come and go. Service accounts are set up to accomplish their item and are usually disabled, abandoned.

Changes will always be there but securities should also be updated frequently. Because organizations have a tendency to confine their access upgrades to a timeframe determined by compliance regulations. Making their own quarterly or semi-annual deadline keeps them legal, however in addition, it also gives hackers weeks of freedom to exploit loopholes and could lead to a data breach.

4.  Help stakeholders make decisions:

Certification reviews are challenging for business managers and application owners. Presented with a huge amount of data, also without any relevant info in order to make the right decision, the regrettable result is that usually, they give approval without even reviewing the applicants properly. 

The most crucial factor in obtaining better results while reducing some time and effort on reviews is the use of Roles. A Role is a set of permissions related to specific job duties — and, hence, an individual’s job role determines what access they need.

5. Unstructured data:

The data on the applications, images, presentations, videos, docs, spreadsheets, etc these kinds of data end up being unstructured data. If anyone had sent you any of these through an unencrypted way then this data has already breached.

This happens often, more often than you think. Can you track these data? Yes, only if you know what kind of data it was that got leaked. An IGA system alerts you if it finds any confidential data on any application, email, or anything. This helps specific administrations to delete that information or move it to a more secure place.

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