IEO Class 5 Eligibility Criteria 2021

The International English Olympiad is held every year across the country and it aims to test students upon their skills of English language. The exam is quite popular with today’s kids as this gives them an insight into the world of academic competition that too not only on a nationwide stage but on the international stage. This exam called the international English Olympiad is conducted in many countries of the world and the students of various countries compete to secure ranks in the exam based on their performances. The Olympiad in English is considered as one of the main ways to judge a students’ skills in English and that too with international standards. There are various organizations that consider a good score in the English Olympiad as the factor for good proficiency in English. The students can effectively analyze the strengths and weak points they possess and then set standards of improvement for themselves. This way the Olympiad has not only inculcated a feeling of competition but also provides the children with a window of self-improvement as well. There are a number of questions that you may have regarding the IOE exam some of them are answered below :

  • What is the criterion for being eligible for the International English Olympiad or IEO?

If a candidate who is in class 5 wants to appear for the International English Olympiad does not need to fulfil any other special eligibility criteria. Any student who is studying in class 1st to class 12th is eligible to appear for the English Olympiad. The student must be studying in a school affiliated with the CBSE or the ICSE board or any state board recognized by the Indian government.

  • What is the use of sample papers in the preparation?

Students will gain a better understanding of the syllabus for the Olympiad exams by studying as many extra questions as possible and if all the extra practice questions are the ones that have been asked in the exam in the past then it will give you a clearer perspective of what to study and it will also help you fix up your focus points on the content which is most asked in exams. You can see IEO English Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper Class 5 2014 here. There are some more key benefits of solving past papers of the English Olympiad discussed below :

It acts as a time saver – Trying to solve past test papers reduces the wastage of time since it teaches you well how to handle the question papers within that real situation. You must already know where to turn with each type of statement, allowing you to get a significant amount of time along with the exam.

Your expectations are met –  Once you tackle earlier model question papers, you get a sense of what the exams could be like, so when it comes time to take the test, you’ll be aware of the expectations and have a good notion of the forms and levels of difficulties. You’d also be able to answer a wide range of queries.

Scope to improve increases – As previously stated, analyzing old model questions shows you how to approach a topic in a variety of ways and how to tackle complicated questions in a number of different ways. Also, it is true that it informs you of your errors, and by carefully examining your errors, you will be successful in improving yourselves, and that you will start concentrating on themes and parts in which you seem to be weak and easily confused.

The sample paper is more reliable – In recent times, there are a plethora of materials on the market that guarantee a good exam grade. Those study materials feature a number of questions that are either irrelevant or difficult enough that they are unlikely to be asked in the class 10th board exams. In this scenario, the most dependable source of practice questions is the previous year’s question papers. It has been observed that many of the exam questions are immediately reproduced in the exams, making them even more reliable. As a result, practising from these papers is always accompanied by a sense of assurance.

  • What is the pattern of the international English Olympiad like?

The exam consists of 50 questions consisting of a total of 100 marks and the student is allotted a total of 1 hour. The exam paper consists of 20 questions based upon grammar and each question consists of 1 and a half marks making up a total of 30 marks. There are 10 questions based upon vocabulary consisting of 1 and a half marks each making up a total of 15 marks. The next section consists of the reading aptitude or the comprehension which makes up for a total of 20 marks in the paper with 10 questions consisting of 2 marks each. The last section for this exam is called the rankers zone which consists of tricky questions that may boost up your rank and this section contains 10 questions which consist of 3 and a half marks for each question giving a total of 35 marks.

  • What is the way in which you can improve your rank in the international English Olympiad?

First of all, you must know that even if the syllabus of the exam is based upon your regular syllabus for school then too, you must practice from other online sources as well which are a little higher in the degree of difficulty than the regular school syllabus. You can use various online workbooks that offer a higher level of English learning that contain all kinds of exercises to boost up your skills such as reading skills which include comprehension, spellings and vocabulary practice, and also basics of grammar such as nouns, adjectives, pronouns adverbs, subject and predicate, subject-verb agreement, tenses, etc.

So, follow the above-listed tips and have a look at some of the questions that are most frequently asked by students of class 5th as well as their parents regarding the IEO exam.

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