Incredible Places to Stay in Adelaide and South Australia

From romantic getaways to outstanding safaris, Adelaide and South Australia are the perfect places to visit. They are home to some of the world’s most stunning restaurants and hotels, not to mention the beautiful beaches. Whether you are planning to watch the famous kangaroos or just relax on the beautiful sandy beaches, Adelaide and South Australia are the best places to be. 

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So, to help you have the best time of your life, we have selected some of the most incredible places to stay in Adelaide and South Australia. Just continue reading and be mesmerized. 

Beach Huts at Middleton

If you are interested in spending your vacation time on the beach, you should check out the Beach Huts in Middleton. These are pretty and colorful chalets located on the South Australian coastline just 40 miles from Adelaide city. This is the perfect place to have a romantic dinner out by the ocean with your escort. It is reminiscent of quaint village life, which is heartwarming and spectacular. 

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The Frames, Murray River

If you love adventure, then you will love The Frames at Murray River. It is located on a cliff overlooking the famous Murray River, which provides the best view you can ever imagine. Just 200 miles from east Adelaide, you get to enjoy this peace and quietness away from the busy city.

The resort comprises three spectacular retreats. Each retreat includes a spa, an outdoor kitchen, a sauna, and a personal pool. It’s just heaven on earth. You get to enjoy a weekend out with friends while receiving the best services that The Frames at Murray River has to offer.  

Mayfair Hotel, Adelaide 

If beauty and class could be described in one word, then it certainly is Mayfair Hotel in Adelaide. This hotel is situated right in the central business district of Adelaide. It has a fascinating history behind it. Built in 1934, it was once the tallest building in Adelaide. Just imagine all those prominent people who once spent the night or weekend in the hotel rooms that you are likely to stay in.

If you are interested in the party and club vibes, Mayfair Hotel in Adelaide has you sorted. The rooftop is designed to accommodate a party with a bar that is not only classy but also provides the best view of Adelaide city. 

Kings Beach Retreats

Are you tired of the busy city life? Just take an hour’s drive down to the South Australian coastline to enjoy these private wilderness retreats. This hidden gem is the description of fun. Whether you are looking for a spectacular view of the ocean, a unique view of kangaroos and cattle grazing, a hike to the cliffs, or a relaxing beach feeling, Kings Beach Retreats is the place to be. 

The resort is designed to fit everyone. For example, couples have their own special space known as the sea resort, which is designed to fit just the two of you. If you have a family of four, you can always book the Sand Rest Resort, which is spacious enough to fit everyone. And finally, for a large group with a maximum of 10 members, you can book the Headland House and get to enjoy all the fun waiting for you. 

Rogasch Cottage

Are you searching for a sweet, romantic getaway that is far from all the hectic city life? Rogasch Cottage is the perfect place. It is a 60-minute drive from Adelaide city to a beautiful vineyard farm that is not only perfect but also quiet. All you can hear are birds chirping. This is a romantic place to bring your date. You get to enjoy viewing the scenic 9-acre property, and at the end of the day, you can have a lovely dinner at your 2-bedroom private cottage and relax as you wait for your next adventure. 


Adelaide is the best place to start your Australian tour. Find yourself an Adelaide escort and enjoy the beautiful beaches, vibrant clubs, fancy restaurants, and so much more. If you are interested in taking your next adventure, read the above article for some of the best places to visit in Adelaide and South Australia.

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