Is Gold investment worth?  

Before making any type of investment you need to learn how to invest?   The investment does not provide you with kitchen money.   It only helps in difficult times. There are always 2 types of investment.  

Short term investment

It is too risky, but ROI(Return On Investment) is very high. There is a chance that you may lose all your investment.

long term Investment.

The risk is low and eventually you will not lose your investment and Your investment gets double at the end. In my view long term investment is more than 2 years

Gold has always been a symbol of wealth and power. Its importance cannot be ignored.  Gold also helps in bad times. What are the bad times for a common man? Inflation and joblessness are bad time for a common man. 

Let take an example of Gold in Qatar

 The basic principles of any investment consist of 3 items.

1: History of Gold Price 

The history of gold price is very essential. It gives you an idea of ups and downs over the period of time. In Qatar the minimum value of gold per gram was 190.4 QAR in October 2022 and today the value of gold per gram is 236.93 in February 2024. The difference is 46.53 per gram. If you sell that gold your profit is instantly 24.38 % per gram.  Image that you have 50 grams of gold then then profit amount will increase a lot.

Data taken from the following website.

2: Factors that affect gold price.

The are multiple factors that affect the gold price.  Some of the main factors are war, pandemic , political cries and instability in the economy. All these factors play a vital role, and you need to consider them before making any investment.

3: Current Gold Price.

The significance of the current gold price cannot be ignored. If you are planning to sell the gold, please keep in mind the following points.

  • Make sure the current gold price covers the inflation which has increased over the period of time and also gives you profit.
  • Gold price for that specific year should not be at its lowest value.


Investment in gold is always worth but go for long time investment. The Data shows that gold value increases day by day. Although minimal value is increased but if you accumulate over the period of time like wait for 2 years then the ROI will be huge. Always invest with a small amount and gradually increases. It is a long and slow process but eventually you will win.

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