Is owning a pet worth the hassle?

owning a pet

Pets are wonderful creatures that can make you feel happy when you are down. Watching them play and do everything they normally do makes one appreciate nature even more. The problem with owning pets is the associated cost they come it. It makes one wonder, is owning a pet worth the hassle?

Owning a pet comes with a lot of responsibilities such as:

  • Taking care of their feeding and maintenance.
  • Some can damage your properties.
  • They are noisy and
  • They can also cause allergies.

So amidst all these, are pets really worth the hassle? I’m sure you thinking that’s a whole lot to take in but they are totally worth it. You should know that good things don’t come easy, that’s why I’ll be telling you why you should get yourself a pet despite the hassles you’ll face.

Pets are best companions

As we grow older you’ll realise that with time your friend’s list will dwindle and those who still choose to stick by you may not have the time to visit you all the time like they normally would and that’s when life becomes boring and depressing. Unlike people, pets will always be there for you. Additionally, pets are great listeners and that means you can share with them your sorrows and joys.

Pets can help you stay in shape

Having daily walks with your pet not only helps your pet but you’ll be able to benefit from it too. Taking a stroll with your pet can improve your mental, emotional, and physical health. Pet’s can actually extend your life. That means if you want to live longer owning a pet would be the right thing to do. Don’t take my word for it, take the American Heart Association’s report which says that physical exercise such as walking or playing with your pet contributes to boosting immunity, improves blood pressure, reduces the risk of heart disease, reduces the risk of obesity, and it reduces the risk of breast cancer.

Pets can help relieve stress

Having a pet around can greatly reduce stress, depression, as well as anxiety. Studies have been carried out on pet owners and it proved that there was a decrease in the levels of a stress-causing hormone named cortisol and an increase in the stress-reducing hormones dopamine and oxytocin. Studies from a science magazine also showed that oxytocin levels increased in both the pet and their owners when the pet owners looked into the eyes of their pet.

Pets are great for your children

It should no longer be news that pets are loved by children all over the world. Pets help your children learn vital life lessons like responsibility, structure, routine, and empathy. Your kids learn to be responsible when they carry out tasks like feeding the pet and caring for them.


Owning a pet is a huge responsibility but the benefits of owning one far outweigh its cost and disadvantages. If you are thinking about owning a pet then you are making the right decision. There are different types of domestic and exotic pets to choose from, make a decision today and live a life that’s longer and free of stress.

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