Kuwait job vacancy

Kuwait is a wealthy small state. Kuwait owns about 6% of the world’s oil reserves, and it helps the local population and causes the interest of labor migrants. Now, we note that it is impossible for foreigners to get citizenship in Kuwait. Unfortunately, you can not even register your own business here.

What are the features of working in Kuwait?

The population of Kuwait in 2021 is about 4.3 million people. Different sources tell, that among 80 percents of workers in Kuwait are migrants, and until recently Kuwait was grateful and happy to have foreign workers, but today, the situation is gradually changing and finding a job in Kuwait is becoming much more difficult. After all, foreign applicants want to get such positions of both unskilled workers and positions of high qualifications and experience. The government provides conditions for employment in Kuwait, primarily for its own citizens. Companies are encouraged to fill vacancies only with local residents; for this, special quotas are introduced, and only in the absence of specialists of the required qualifications, a job is given to a foreigner.

How to find vacancy in Kuwait?

Kuwait job vacancy for foreigners in 2021 is associated with competition not only with local residents, but also with citizens of many other countries, especially Asian ones. In particular, many vacancies in the Kuwaiti labor market are occupied by labor migrants from India, Pakistan, the Philippines and Thailand. It is very important to have a good education, qualifications and experience. Proficiency in English at an advanced level is a must for most employers. Quite a lot of international companies operate in Kuwait, in which foreign specialists are already working, respectively, there is experience in hiring foreign workers.

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What are the most popular jobs in Kuwait?

Citizens of Russia or Ukraine of other countries should focus on looking for work in the field of skilled professions, where the level of income is higher. In addition to the base salary, many large companies in Kuwait award various bonuses to foreign specialists, provide housing, a car, pay for medical services and even air tickets to their homeland.

Kuwaiti companies are ready to pay decent salaries to foreign specialists. Of course, qualifications and skills must be at the highest level. Jobs in Kuwait for foreigners in 2021 are available in construction, oil industry, finance and banking, information technology, real estate, marketing, sales and business development. In the field of education, teachers of English are needed, including in private schools. The work of a doctor in Kuwait is popular, dentists, dermatologists and surgeons are required.

What salary can you expect in Kuwait?

The average salary in Kuwait in 2021 is about 29 dollars per hour, or up to 5,000 dollars per month, and this is for ordinary workers, for example, middle managers. Experienced professionals can earn up to 10-12 thousand dollars per month.

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