Massage After a Long Trip- Massage Therapy Styles


Massage is practiced for thousands of years. If there is a need for a massage, there are more than eighty massage therapy styles. These massage styles come with a wide range of movements, techniques, and pressures.The best massage involves rubbing, pressing, manipulating with the help of hands and fingers.

We all understand the tiredness that comes after a long trip. The rush is the same either you are on a business trip or for pleasure. Keep in consideration and there are various things to take care of while travelling. Your packing, flying and driving are the essential tools that impact your mental and physical health. However, if you are on a trip to Korea, here is the best chance to get the world’s famous Korean massage for entire body relaxation.

Korean massage is very beneficial, especially after a long trip. The reason is that you sit for a long time in an automobile, plane or train that affect the body physically. Your back, legs, shoulders, and neck tightened up. However, when you get a Korean massage a few days before the travels or even at the airport, your musclesare going to loosen up, and you will feel tension free. Moreover, it is fascinating to know that massage therapy releases the endorphins responsible for calms down your peripheral nervous system.

According to the recent report of the American Massage Therapy Association, more than 19% of Americans had various forms of massage. Now, more and more people are getting the benefits of massage therapy. Peopleselect from different massage styles in order to get relief as well as to promote wellness.


Which massage style is best?

There is a great need to consider, various types of massage styles are popular at different times. For you, it is essential to understand that which massage therapy is best for you. Massage styles can range from long and smooth strokes to some percussive strokes. Along with this, massage therapists also use lotions and oils. Generally, a massage lasts from five minutes to two hours.

Before you gofor a massage,it would be best to understand the best style for you? Ask yourself, either you want it for stress control or just for relaxation? Do you need massage as you are suffering from medical severe health conditions? These questions are essential because the massage therapist may ask you the reason and style of massage therapies. Sometimes, the experts of HomeThai customizesthe massage according to your ageor any particular goals you have.

  • Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is considered one of the common types of massagetherapies. The massage includes long and soft kneading strokes as well as light and tapping strokes. Swedish massage is directly linked to various joints moments. You feel relaxed and energized. Moreover, Swedish massage relieves muscle tension and best for you after any injury.

There are four common types of strokes used in Swedish massage.

  • Effleurage, a kind of smooth and gliding stroke that is used for the relaxation of soft muscles
  • Friction increases the blood flow in the body by providing deep, circular movements.
  • Petrissage includes rolling, kneading or squeezing like effleurage
  • Tapotement, an alternating tap with cupped fingers and hand
  • Deep Tissue Massage

This massage is known best to give attention to pain or trouble spotsin the body. Keep in consideration and the deep tissue massage therapist uses deliberate strokes that significantly focus pressure on muscles, tendons, and other tissues under the skin. This massage is best to relieve chronic tension and helpwith some muscle injuries.

  • Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu terms as finger pressure. For this massage, the therapist uses different rhythmic pressures on otherbody parts. These particular spots in the body are called acupressures. Generally, it is believed that these pressure points are responsible for blood flow. Many people believe that shiatsu massage helps relieve blockages at the acupressure points.

  • Sports Massage

Sports massage is significantly developed for helping with muscle systems that are used for a particular sport. It is fascinating to know that; sports massage includes various approaches to help the athletes.You can use sports massage in order to prevent injuries or increase flexibility. Moreover, it can also help your muscle strains that help in healing after any sports injury.



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