Michael Giannulis says businesses should pay attention to online PR and social media networking

2020 so far, has been a year of struggle for most companies! The share of challenges has been slightly higher for start-up businesses because of limited cash and business resources. According to experts and economists, the global economy will take time to get back to normalcy by 2021 and 2022, depending on how the pandemic curve flattens. But currently, as the lockdowns are slightly relaxed and business operations have resumed, start-ups need to start working and pay heed to online initiatives to keep thriving.

Michael Giannulis talks about online PR and social media initiatives

Start-ups have a target audience who needs to know that they are back in operation. Also, they need to let people know how they intend to function in the coming days. According to Michael Giannulis, there’s no better way to do this than online PR and social media networking. Is yours a start-up business? Are you thinking about how to go about it? If yes, the following pointers will prove beneficial.

  1. Issue social media alerts

Most start-ups have a business account on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, or all three! It’s time to leverage your social media presence. Create a post that your store or online food delivery is back in action and share it on all social media channels. It will inform your target and existing customers about your service hours. Gradually, it will help you make sales.

  1. Share relevant press releases

During the earlier months of the pandemic, many companies and business units were getting closed. With employee job losses, pay cuts, and company shutdowns, your customers need to stay updated about your business condition and present status. It is easy to assume that start-ups would mostly wind up operations or have employee lay-offs. The only way to get the truth about your organization out is to issue an informative press release and share it on relevant sites. You can share the PR site links on your social media business profiles for people to know the facts.

  1. Connect with your audience

Companies exist and make profits because of customers. As you plan your business continuity strategy, connect with your customers and followers on social media, and ask their business survival views. For instance, how would they want their online delivery parcels delivered, keeping in mind the safety protocols? How frequently do customers want to connect live with the company spokesperson on social media addressing user queries? It will help you plan your operation strategy for the months to come.

  1. Take charge of online reputation

It is time to create or smooth out your online reputation. If there have been a few complaints in the past concerning delayed delivery or response, take time to address and resolve that. You can pitch for positive articles through business stories on online magazines about your brand to create a favorable online reputation. Share insider stories about office sanitation and future operation plan on social media and live sessions to retain your customers and followers.

Start-ups need to create a positive brand impression through every business continuity and survival tactic they execute. It will help them to bag clients and ambitious projects once the pandemic is over.

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