Preparing for University and Your Studies

As a student, you want to ace your A Levels and get the required grades to ensure admission to the university of your choice and enrol in the course you always wanted to pursue. But the situation can change if you fail to achieve your expected grades.

If you are determined to enter university, your best option is to retake your A Level exams. Finding the right school to study and prepare for an A Level retake and enter university is another chance for you to develop and strengthen your comprehension of the A Level courses and work hard to get better results. Consequently, it gives additional skills that will help students succeed in school and in their professional careers.

Preparing for university

Retaking your A Levels gives you more time to prepare for university life. If you have chosen an excellent institution for redoing A Levels, you can gain more. In a tutorial college, for example, you choose the course that suits your particular needs. Tuition could be in groups of two to three people, although you can choose individual tuition, based on your academic objectives and the retake programme. You should check the school’s various learning programmes, the organisation’s and tutors’ qualifications, and fees.

With the right school, you can receive guidance on the resubmission of your university application. You can receive advice on available universities and suitable courses based on your knowledge and skills.

How to study for an A Level retake

Studying for an A Level retake depends on you. If you feel that you can achieve a better grade, retaking your A Levels is a good option, but remember that it can overwhelm you. Enrolling in the right school will prevent you from coping by yourself.

Some schools specialise in select courses and subjects. Thus, you should check if the school provides revision courses for all A Level subjects, conducted in small groups.

Schedule of A Level retake exams

According to the current guidelines, the schedule for A Level retake exams is in May or June. The new schedule gives the students more time for revision. They can schedule their study time and still do volunteer work or seek a part-time job.

Some students are apprehensive about retaking A Levels. However, it does not usually have any effect on their university application, because what matters is getting better grades. Aside from your commitment and determination, studying in the right environment helps.

You can resit your A Levels in your old school, but it could provide more distraction as you will be among juniors in a large class. You can ensure better results by enrolling in specialist revision courses or using a one-to-one tutor. Another thing to remember is that some courses, like medicine, prevent students from enrolling if they spent three years completing their A Levels.

You will have better chances of resitting your A Levels and entering university by discussing what your needs and expectations are. The school can address the problematic areas and the subjects you are good at so it can prepare a tailored programme to address all the issues.

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