Pricing structure of reproductive methods in Ukraine: Surrogacy, Egg Donation, Semen Donation, and Artificial Insemination

 A most popular reproductive method is IVF. IVF can be used with donation if one of future parents don’t have their own reproductive cell (sperm or oocyte). Another case is: a limitation to carry a baby to birth. A surrogacy mother is used in the last case. [ ] It should be determined only by doctor and by tests. Surrogacy motherhood is a recommended treatment procedure for endometrium and several other diseases.

Making Parenthood Possible Through a Seamless Process

In the Feskov Fertility Center for Child Desire and Surrogacy, the team prioritizes providing customers with a comfortable and flexible system for a cost-effective and legally flawless journey toward welcoming their newborn.

The actual cause of Surrogacy in Ukraine

Surrogacy in Ukraine is quite old and established in 1983, with the early ’90s witnessing a groundbreaking era marked by the birth of the first child through a surrogate motherhood program.

The establishment of the Association of Reproductive Doctors of Ukraine in 1992 solidified the nation’s commitment to reproductive medicine, positioning Ukraine as a trailblazer in the CIS states.

Globally Recognized: Ukraine’s Surrogacy Boom

The fastest development led to the opening of public and private reproductive clinics specializing in surrogacy, alongside significant state support for assisted reproduction technologies.

By the 2000s, Ukraine had become a respected participant in international conferences, with Kharkov emerging as a prominent center for surrogacy. After its recognition, there were many fertility clinics opened in the region to provide surrogacy services.

Economical solution: The affordable Ukrainian clinics

Compared to the USA, where the cost of a surrogate mother is more than fifty thousand USD, Ukraine offers a more economical solution, with the entire program costing approximately half as much.

This economic advantage has contributed to the country’s status as an ideal for surrogacy.

Protecting Rights and Ensuring Suitability: Ukrainian Surrogacy Legislation

One of the attractive features of Ukrainian reproductive legislation is the protection of biological parents’ rights from potential claims by surrogate mothers.

Strict selection criteria ensure that surrogate mothers relinquish rights to the child from the outset, creating a secure environment for all parties involved.

Ukraine’s Rise in Reproductive Tourism: A Hub of Surrogacy

As of January 2017, Ukraine has matched Western countries in ART experience, further solidifying its position as a hub for reproductive tourism.

Reproductive clinics in Ukraine offer medical standards comparable to those in the USA at significantly lower costs.

The Ukrainian clinics follow similar procedures in the USA in quite an affordable range.

Versatile Relationships: Surrogate Mothers and Biological Parents

The dynamics between surrogate mothers and biological parents vary, with some couples wanting to have close contact throughout the process while others decide on a more discreet approach realitymax.

Reasonable Packages: Ensuring Guaranteed Results

A significant feature in Ukraine is the availability of reasonable offers from reproductive clinics that guarantee results—the birth of a healthy child.

The Feskov Clinic Approach: A Guaranteed Outcome

The Center for Reproduction of Professor A.M. Feskov in Kharkov exemplifies this approach, providing a service package with a guaranteed outcome, including repeated procedures until successful delivery.

Beyond Borders: International Offers

For those seeking cost-effective surrogacy beyond Ukraine, the clinic extends offers that include the Ukrainian surrogate mother taking part in programs abroad, showcasing a blend of affordability and top-notch reproductive procedures.

Insights from across the Globe: Feskov Clinic’s YouTube Channel

Interviews with surrogate mothers, doctors, and customer reviews on the Feskov Clinic’s YouTube channel offer insights into the world of low-cost surrogacy chosen by individuals from around the globe.

Many couples from European countries opt for Ukraine to get the surrogacy process not because they can have the procedure done for meager prices but because the services they agent are genuinely remarkable.


Feskov Human Reproduction Group remains steadfast in terms of excellence, offering a reliable and diverse database that reflects the diversity of the global community.

Choose Feskov Fertility Clinic for a medical solution and a compassionate journey towards creating your family legacy.

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