Sure Trade Group Review – Will You Get a Complete Trading Experience?

One of the mistakes that I have seen a lot of new traders making is that they focus on just one thing and decide a platform based on that one need. For example, some traders are all about leverages. As soon as they see a platform offering them huge leverages, they just want to sign up. However, I think you should always be focusing on getting a complete trading experience, which I think you will surely get with the company that I am about to review. So, let me go ahead and tell you about it in this Sure Trade Group review. 

The Tradable Assets 

A huge part of your trading experience is the assets that are available to you for trading. How many assets can you trade when you are with an online trading platform? I can tell you that all of them are trying to offer you a lot of options, but the asset index from Sure Trade Group is definitely worth mentioning. You will get plenty of assets here that come from a variety of asset classes. You can trade forex currency pairs that include major, minor, and exotic options. You can trade stocks or go with indices for trading the same stocks in the form of bucketed options. 

The commodities category includes a lot of different assets that you can trade. Firstly, you can trade precious metals that include platinum, gold, and silver. In addition to that, you can trade crude oil and gas in the same category. Now, if you are looking for a way to trade altcoins and Bitcoin, you don’t have to look elsewhere. You will get to trade all of these assets when you sign up with Sure Trade Group. 

The Safety Procedures

You will feel very safe when you sign up with this platform. The security of traders has been given a lot of attention if you look closely. Your information gets encrypted. The money you deposit in your account goes into segregated accounts. Your trading account with the company gets protected through constant and AI-based monitoring. When you sign into your trading account, you will have to go through the 2FA authentication process. What it means is that you will not be able to access your account with just a password. You will also have to enter a one-time code that gets sent to you on your SMS. 

Furthermore, you will be glad to know that this company follows and adheres to the KYC policies. So, when you sign up on this platform, you will have to provide your personal information as correctly as possible. As a part of adhering to the AML policy, the company requires that you give out your banking details, send a picture of your credit card, and ensure that your information is the same on your banking account as it is on your personal identification card. 

The Banking and Commissions

In the end, let’s talk about banking and how easy this company has made it for you. When you sign up with Sure Trade Group, you will have to deposit just $250 in your account to access all the features of this account. When it comes to funding your account, you can use a credit card, a debit card, or the bank wire transfer method. Furthermore, you can deposit funds in your account using Skrill and other internet payment methods. 

If you are someone who is all about cryptocurrencies, you can transfer your crypto coins right from your crypto wallet to your online trading account too. 

Final Thoughts

If this is not a complete trading experience then what is? You have to ask yourself this question because if a broker is not offering you all of it, then they are not giving you a great trading experience. Don’t sign up with any company for just one reason because you might regret it later. Pick a platform based on a variety of features so you get a complete and comprehensive trading experience.

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