The Best Resources and Tools for Budding Photographers

Photography is a super creative hobby which allows you to explore all different areas of life through a lens. Although it seems easy enough to pick up a camera from your local tech store and start snapping away, there are some technical aspects to photography which require newbies to find guidance and direction in order to develop as a budding photographer. Here, leading online photo sharing sites have helped to highlight some of the best resources and tools for budding photographers. Making use of these should help you learn and develop your understanding of photography, allowing you to develop your skills as a newcomer to the community.

Beginner’s Equipment


Before you do anything, sourcing the perfect equipment is vital. Not only should you find the right equipment that is simple and easy to use at a beginner’s level, but you should also be able to operate this and understand all the necessary features to start capturing amazing shots. DSLRs can seem a lot more complicated than your typical digital camera. The best way to get used to your camera is to read the user manual – or skim read, if you wish! The user manual of any DSLR has been written to cover all the features of your camera, have a read of the most relevant chapters and get practising.

Online Communities and Networking

Getting your name known within the industry will help you to build your skills and learn from other members of the photography community and industry. Online photo sharing communities are great platforms available for budding photographers to meet like-minded creatives whilst also sharing photos for others to buy and download. If you are thinking about making money as a photographer then networking is the perfect strategy to get your name and brand known and to attract repeat customers/clients.

Online Tutorials

To learn the basics of photography, online tutorials, free to access online, are an excellent way to practice alongside somebody who already has the experience and knowledge you are looking to gain. In the digital world many people find it a lot easier to watch a video or listen to someone rather than reading to learn and consume information. If this is the case for you, simply searching YouTube you will find many photography tutorials. Covering topics from working your specific model of DSLR, to finding the best lighting and angles.

Photography Workshops

Similar to watching online tutorials, a photography workshop, led by an experienced photographer will provide you with some handy tips and expert knowledge to get you started. These workshops provide a great alternative to going to art school or enrolling onto a 2-year course at college. Although some workshops require an entry fee you could choose to attend as many or as few of these as you wish. These photography workshops are also likely to be attended by a number of different photographers with various levels of experiences – another great opportunity for you to network.

Make a Portfolio

Creating a portfolio will provide you with a very useful and handy tool. As you grow as a photographer a portfolio will hold a history of your creative work, which you can then go on to use as a super handy marketing tool for new prospective clients. This portfolio can be designed by yourself as a showcase of all of your best work. You can even use it as a type of resume or application into a photography school or college. Whilst also allowing you the opportunity to look back on your work and visualise the progression of your skills.

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