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The Do’s & Don’ts When Shopping at Temu

Temu is a multi-category online marketplace that enables users to buy top-notch products at reasonable prices. Temu was established to improve customers’ life and comforts, by ensuring that they will be able to shop with ease with just a click of their fingers.

Temu itself is owned by NASDAQ: PDD, one of the world’s biggest e-commerce systems which also founded Pinduoduo. This makes Pinduoduo a sister company of Temu. Pindudo is also Temu’s main source of product suppliers. Pinduoduo has more than 11 million suppliers, which consist mostly of world-leading suppliers that have been a player on the field for a long time. Being able to tap into PDD sources is what helps Temu to be able to get the best products at the best prices.

Temu went live in September 2022. On its first day of launch, the online marketplace featured thousands of products in a variety of categories. From fashion, pet supplies, home and garden, electronics, office supplies, and many others listed on the website. 

The huge amount of products available is what makes Temu successful in capturing the customer’s hearts. Temu had thousands of users after only one day, and buyers flocked to its platform searching for high-quality products at affordable prices. With the convenience, that customers can get through Temu’s website and mobile app, now they have more option to shop with huge selections of products 

The Dos When Shopping Through Temu

Create Account

You should create an account if you wish to do a repeat order on Temu. The reason why it will be better to have an account instead of only purchasing as a guest, is because everything will be much more simple if you have an account on Temu’s platform. 

You may think that creating an account is a hassle, but the truth is the hassle will only happen once. Afterward, you can just tick the box of “set as default” for your personal information, thus every time you want to order from Temu you do not have to always fill in your personal data over and over again. This will definitely help you to save time! 

If you register with your email, you will also get up-to-date information regarding Temu’s current promo and deals.

Pay Attention To Product Detail and Review

If you want to purchase a product, you should pay attention to all details of the product description. For example the column regarding sizing info. Sometimes, there are clothing pieces that have bigger than usual clothing sizes, so you may need to size down your outfit. Do not just rely on the picture of the product. You should also check out the comment that the previous client who bought the product left. Thus you know whether the majority of people who purchase the product are satisfied with it or not. 

Put Detailed Address

Put every detailed information about your delivery address. Make sure that you put the right house number and postal code. A thorough address will help to ensure your package arrival will be smooth and faster. 

Make Use Of Temu’s Deals

Always check out Temu’s discount program or coupon that you can use to compliment your purchase before checking out your shopping bag. As a consumer-centric shopping platform, Temu often provides customers with extra discounted prices!

The Don’ts When Shopping At Temu

Do Not Use Public Wifi When Making Payment

This is important for every customer who wants to do online shopping with any platform. You should switch your connection to a more secure one -your internet provider when you are about to put payment information on a website. When you want to do your payment on Temu’s website, always ensure that you’ve ditched your wifi connection before.

Damage Products You Want To Return

If there are any products that you’ve purchased but want to return because you are not satisfied with them, you can easily return them back. But remember, immediately pack back the product you want to return. Do not damage it, and ensure that it looks just as it was when you first received it.

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