The fastest way to level up weapons in the new world

level up weapons

Leveling up weapons in a new world is not as easy as it seems. There are many things you need to do and know before leveling up your weapon, but the fastest way would be to level up your skills first.

You can’t just go around attacking any monster because they will kill you with one hit. Instead, you have to use a skill that does less damage than normal so that the monsters don’t die instantly. Once they’re at about 50% health, use another skill that does more damage than usual, which should finish them off quickly!

Be sure to always carry enough potions so if anything goes wrong, you’ll be able to heal yourself without having to leave the area where monsters spawn for too long or risking death by taking on too next levels. However, you can get help from the new world carry.

The fastest way to level up weapons in the new world

So you created your character, but now you want to level up weapons? Well, it’s quite easy, actually. What you need is the following:

  • A good main weapon with at least +5 damage or more (if possible/affordable)
  • Life Staff (with 5% chance of +1 additional damage)

Now you’re probably wondering, “What the heck is Life Staff?”

In the new world, you can find it in one of the most popular areas for training, Mounthill.

It’s found in weapons/armor shops and costs approximately 300 gold if I remember correctly. Not that expensive, after all.

You’ll need to be at least level 10 to equip it, but if you’re higher than that, you should be fine.

Note: Life Staff is not the most efficient weapon in the new world, but it’s definitely up there. For more information about weapons, check out my previous article called “Some things you need to know before creating a character.”

So now you have Life Staff equipped, go to Mounthill.

Remember to bring a lot of Life Stones; they’re also found in the same place as Life Staff.

Inside, you’ll find a lot of monsters called “Wooden Golems,” kill them until one or more of them drop a Life Stone.

Life stones give +5 additional damage with your weapon.

Important note: You can find other types of monsters in Mounthill, but I’ll explain it with only Wooden Golem for this guide. If you kill another kind of monster there, remember to check if they drop a Life Stone. They do not always drop one! Sometimes it takes even 10 kills or more until they drop one.

I would recommend level 11 or 12 to do this; if you’re still lower level, just buy a few Life Stones from the weapon shop and have good luck with finding good drops.

Now it’s time to check how much damage your main weapon has! Go to a blacksmith and ask him to add 1 additional damage. It should cost you 1 gold (if it doesn’t, you’re probably doing something wrong. Check previous steps again).

After he adds 1 additional damage to your weapon, there’s your new damage!

If it’s 14 or higher, you should be fine leveling up weapons quite fast.

Note: This is not the most efficient way to level up weapons. If you really want, check “Some things you need to know before creating a character.”

Now onto the good part!

Go back into Mounthill and kill those Wooden golems until there’s one or more that drop a Life Stone. That is what we’re going to use for this example:

The wooden Golem dropped 2 Life Stones.

Now go to your inventory and combine these two Life Stones together. The result will be one Life Stone with +6 additional damage!

For the next step, all you do is go back to Mounthill and kill those Wooden golems until they drop another Life Stone. Now repeat the steps above over and over again. Check my example below:

The wooden Golem dropped 2 Life Stones. So far, we have +8 additional damage with our weapon!

We use the Life Stone for this example, but you can do things differently, of course. This is just very easy and quick to level up weapons compared to other methods.

So now I’ve shown you what you need to do and how to level up weapons quite fast.

The only thing left is the final result: You will have a strong main weapon going into the early game, which makes it way easier for you.


The best way to level up weapons in the new world is by using them. As you use your weapon, it will gain experience points and upgrade levels to have a better chance of defeating enemies more efficiently. If you want an easier time leveling up, try doing quests or playing with friends! It’s important not to overuse any one type of skill, resulting in the skills becoming weaker and less effective than they would be if used in moderation. Remember – when in doubt, always go for quality over quantity since this rule applies both on-screen and off-screen.

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