The Rise of the Narrow boat or Canal boat trip

More holidaymakers and ‘staycationists’ have taken to the canals in the UK and there has been a concerted rise in the houseboat tripper. It’s not really a surprise, in the sense that there are more canals in some English cities than the canals in Venice. Furthermore, as the reduction in international travel continues, road trips are on the up and to avoid the hustle and bustle on the roads at holiday time there has been a marked rise in the number of people hiring a canal, narrow boat or houseboat to holiday in the UK. This article provides certain insights as to this trend to allow you, too, to make an informed choice as to whether you will be joining this bandwagon or not.

Why take a canal boat holiday

If you like the water, being on a canal boat is a wonderful way to see the countryside and to just take some time away from the hustle and bustle of holiday traffic. The peace and serenity of most canals and waterways in the country are such that you could be travelling all day and not see anyone else. A scenic canal holiday has been put forward as one of the most relaxing ways to travel and holiday.

The boats that would have been used to transport goods up and down the country are now outfitted with all the creature comforts that you can think of and make the perfect holiday home.

It’s not only a summer pastime and holiday, but with the improved insulation, heating, and wood stoves, these houseboats can be a cosy self-contained all year-round holidays.

How to arrange and plan a canal boat holiday

A great first step is to read more article like this and ensure that you have as much information from the  Canal and river trust in the areas that you plan to travel. Talk to others who have travelled or holidayed this way and find seasonal bargains and packages for your next holiday.

Rent the boat and have a training session on driving and operating locks. The trickiest part of the entire trip will be navigating the locks, and being able to go uphill in a boat will blow your mind. Ensure that you pay attention to the steering and maintenance requirements and always take a number of who to call when and if things go awry.

Others simply buy the houseboat and then look for a boat mooring near me, and viola, they have a waterfront home as well as the perfect way to see the country when and as they please to.

One thing to advise is that if it’s your first time, then choose a route or trip that doesn’t involve too many locks and just get the hang for steering/piloting the vessel.

There have been more people searching on google and other search engines for canal holidays and canal boat for hire than at any other time. It is a trend that looks set to continue into the long term.


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