Tips for Buying a Personalized Number Plate

Number Plate

There are plenty of reasons to get a private number plate. Whether it is to express your creativity, turn heads while on the road, celebrate an accomplishment, complement your car, make an investment or simply for easy identification, you may want to keep the following tips in mind when buying one. 

1. Create a Budget & Be Flexible

We all know private number plates do not come cheap. As such, it is imperative to set a budget before you embark on your search. Ensure you stick to number plates that you can afford and be ready to be flexible, even if it means making a compromise. Dateless registration plates for example tend to be more expensive compared to those with dates and so, to stay within your budget. There are many affordable new registration plates at New Reg. 4D number plates is a good option to consider as well.

With several options in your mind when you embark on your search, you will be more likely to get the plate you want, unless you are willing to wait for the ideal one to be available when the current owner decides to sell it. 

2. The Paperwork

Every private number plate is required to either be held on a car with a v5 registration document or on a valid V778. The DVLA will need one of these documents to transfer the registration number to your car. 

If the number plate is still in use, then it will come on a V5 registration document. If the contrary is true, but it is on retainer, then it needs to come with a V778 retention document. This paperwork has to be signed by the individual whose name appears on them before an application to transfer the new vehicle is made. The number plate seller is also expected to send a V317 transfer form to the Driver and Vehicle Registration Agency. 

As the buyer, you are expected to garner the required paperwork and send it to the DVLA along with a valid MOT certificate. The process of private number plate transfer is not complex, but if you are not familiar with the forms, it can be time-consuming. For £80 as the DVLA fee and an additional £25 plus VAT, the Private Plate Company will provide a service that arranges for the number plate transfer. This makes the experience stress free and allows you to get your new number plate in just a week. 

3.‘Q’ Plates

If you own a car with a ‘Q’ in it, then it is either a kit car made up of various parts from different vehicles, or has been imported with insufficient documentation to reveal its right age.  The Q registration number is intended to clearly set the car apart from others. Keep in mind that if you have a vehicle with a ‘Q’ in the prefix, you’re not legally allowed to apply for a private number plate. 

And there you have it, the most important things to keep in mind when getting a personalized number plate.

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