Top 5 Practical Jobs Working Outdoors

Whether you are currently considering a change in career or are ready to get back into the world of work after the disruption and devastation of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, pursuing a career working outdoors could be one of the best decisions you ever make.

With that being said, keep reading to discover the top five practical jobs working outdoors.

1. Professional Photographer

A career as a professional photographer will be competitive, but if you establish yourself and steadily build your business, then it is one of the most rewarding roles that affords you the opportunity to work outside, inside and, indeed, anywhere you like in the country or even world.

Professional photography is far more of a vocation than it is just a job role, and it’s a way to channel your creativity into a lucrative career.

2. Landscape Gardener

There is a myriad of fabulous advantages to pursuing a career as a landscape gardener, not least the opportunity to work outside and build up your physical fitness at the same time as using your flair for creativity and talent for design.

If you are interested in becoming a professional gardener, then it is important to first work for an established company before branching out to form your own business. This way, you can learn the different elements of the trade and get used to working with different tools and grouting equipment and gain experience in setting budgets and project timeframes.

3. Zoo Worker

If you have a deep passion for and interest in animals and animal welfare, a career as a zoo worker or even animal keeper is certainly the way to go.

The best way to start down this career path is to volunteer one day a week at your nearest zoo to show your interest and commitment to working in a full-time and paid capacity and learn the ins and outs of animal keeping.

4. Recycle Centre Worker

Thankfully, although certainly not before time, people across the length and breadth of the United Kingdom are finally waking up to the fact that the recycling of everything they use is no longer an option confined to people with an eco-friendly nature but is an absolute necessity for the good of the planet.

There are many jobs available in which one works to improve the state of the natural environment, with one of the stand-out roles being working at your local recycling centre.

5. Visitor Assistant In A National Park

One thing that the United Kingdom has in absolute abundance is beautifully maintained and protected national parks. As a result, there is always a demand for passionate and enthusiastic hard workers to assist with all visitor-related activities.

You could apply to work for English Heritage, National Trust or a smaller and more local site of natural beauty to combine your love of nature and your natural communication and people-person tendencies, as well as spending most of your working day outside in the fresh air.

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