Top 5 Tips When Choosing the Right Perfume for You

The market is packed with a wide range of perfume brands, scents, and choices. This means that you have to put some effort into choosing the right perfume. Below are some tips that would come in handy when choosing the right perfume.

  1. Understand the language

When reading through product descriptions for various perfumes, you will notice the use of some jargons. Choosing the right perfume will be challenging if you do not understand the meaning of these terms. The term “note” is the most important and commonly used jargon in the world of perfumes. 

What is a note?

This is the element that determines the overall scent. Every perfume consists of three notes. They are:

  • The top note- the top note is the most pungent scent. It is the one that you will smell when you first spray the perfume. However, it usually faces within about fifteen minutes.
  • The middle note- is the scent that you start smelling when the top note fades after a few minutes. It is also known as the heart note, and it is the body of the perfume. The middle note usually stays prominent and bold for a few hours, as opposed to minutes. 
  • The bottom note- is the scent that is left behind when the top and middle note fade. It is usually rich, heavy and it lingers until the end of the day. 

The three notes work together to impact the overall smell of the perfume. A single perfume may contain notes like rose, gardenia, and geranium. Understanding the meaning behind the different notes and how they come into play will help you make an informed choice. 

  1. Consider the concentration of the perfume

Another essential tip for choosing the best perfume is to consider its concentration. The term concentration refers to the strength of the scent and how long it can last. Naturally, perfumes with high concentrations usually last longer and have a more potent scent. However, the concentration usually affects the price of the perfume. Highly concentrated perfumes are usually more expensive than their counterparts. The price is worth it because these perfumes can last for days with a single application. There are four concentration levels. These are:

  • Parfum or perfume- this is the highest concentration that can last for an entire day. It is also the most expensive
  • Eau de parfum- this is the second concentration that can last up to six hours after application
  • Eau de toilette- this one requires more than one application throughout the day, and it is usually quite affordable
  • Eau de cologne- this is the lowest concentration, which only lasts for a couple of hours
  1. Leave the store when smelling the scent of the perfume

More often than not, when purchasing a perfume, you will need to smell the perfume before making a choice. The wise thing to do would be to spray a small amount of the perfume on your hand and leave the store to smell it. A perfume store is bound to have overwhelming scents. Therefore, these scents would keep you from smelling the pure notes of the fragrance you wish to purchase. Additionally, it would also be wise if you did not spray too many different samples on yourself at the same time. The scents are bound to get mixed up and become overwhelming. 

  1. Take your time

It would also be wise if you took your time when choosing the best scent. Note that your perfume defines your character. It is also the first thing people will notice about you, even before they see you. Therefore, it would be best if you took your time and paid keen attention to the choices and options you have.

  1. Always go for reputable brands

Buying from the best brands is always advisable because you can be sure of the product you select. It is also a wise idea because you can always count on getting a replacement when your perfume is finished. With shady brands, you may not get a similar choice the next time you go shopping. 

Final word

Once you have decided on a specific perfume scent and brand, it would be wise to stick with the one. This means that you do not have to look at samples each time you purchase the perfume. It also gives you the freedom to take advantage of online shopping for perfume shopping. With online shopping, you can enjoy great deals like online coupons and voucher codes. With a coupon code like the Bath and Body Works code, you can save money on the best perfume brands and choices. Besides using a coupon code, you can take advantage of store discounts and other types of great deals.