Top 6 Tips to Pick The Perfect Engagement Ring

A wedding is the most sacred and valued bond that exists today. Two people promising to spend their lives together, going through thick and thin together is still considered a valuable and memorable event of one’s life! As it should be! Because as time passes and we are losing all cultural values to the Millennials, this holy matrimonial has now become sacred and extremely special.

So when this special day comes, there are a lot of things you need to consider! But first and foremost, when you are certain about some special someone, you need to tie the knot by proposing. For that, you need to start shopping for the ultimate engagement ring from GS Diamonds that seals the deals.

In this article, we will tell you tips and tricks with which you can choose the perfect engagement ring for your beloved. Trust me, things will get a lot easier and simpler when you read our tips! And we guarantee that your loved one is going to be over the moon when she sees the perfect engagement ring.

Top 6 Tips to Pick the Perfect Engagement Ring

1.     Consider your Budget

The first thing, before you do any daydreaming about getting the most lavish ring for your loved one is to consider your budget. You don’t want to go into debt just for a ring. You have an entire wedding to plan. So be practical! And yes we understand, you want to go above and beyond for your loved one, but you can get a lot of beautiful stuff within your budget as well.

So when planning your entire wedding budget and listing things down, take into account the ring budget as well.

2.    Choose the Ring from the Comfort of Your Own Home

A lot of jewelry stores provide the option of bringing their collection to your homes. It is rare but it happens. If you plan to shop exclusively, you both (couple) should choose a time and date for the jeweler’s visit.

The benefit of having this personal visit is that you get the exclusive and undivided attention of the salesman. This means he can hear you, in terms of what you like and what you exactly want, and therefore the choosing process becomes simpler and easy.

3.    Choose the Shape and Size of the Ring

When choosing an engagement ring, shape and size matter a lot. So what jewelers usually do is create a wax mould that is required to be worn by the groom or bride-to-be for a week, which gives the jewelers the exact size they should aim for.

However you can choose to skip the process, and the jeweler can measure your ring size from their generalized ring size thing as well.

4.    Choose the Right Kind of Metal

Once you have decided on the key elements that we have mentioned above, now is the time that chooses the metal. Choosing the right kind of metal matters a lot because each metal has its appeal and monetary value.

So, you can choose from titanium, gold, silver, platinum, white gold, Rose gold, palladium, and zirconium, etc. The prices of each of these metals depend on the kind of metal, the weight, and the purity. The higher the percentage of these elements, the higher it is going to be on your wallet. So make a choice that suits your budget.

5.    Make sure your Heart is set on that Ring

A ring might be beautiful and well within your budget, but it doesn’t feel right one don’t go for it. Especially if you are choosing a girl’s engagement ring, it is important that the heart feels right about that ring. Here are a few

But for girls, it isn’t. There is an inner voice that will scream in the girl’s head, “THIS IS THE ONE!” if the ring is right. So wait for that inner voice to scream in your head and then make that choice.

Here are some of the versatile and trending engagement rings:

6.    Do not forget the Rings on Your Big Day

Last, but not least, DO NOT FORGET YOUR RING ON YOUR ENGAGEMENT DAY. It’s the most obvious advice, but you won’t believe it a lot of people do forget their engagement rings on the big day.

Why is that? Engagement is a big day with lots of going around that includes decorations, invites, food, catering and the list goes on. So sometimes, you forget about the tiny most expensive thing .i.e. the engagement ring in all this hustle and bustle.

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