Top 7 Tips To Buying The Best Apartment In London: By Experts

Moving to the rich and vibrant city of London is a dream for millions of individuals and families all over the world. Why would it not be? London offers the highest standards of living, no dearth of leisure and entertainment amenities, and is one of the world’s leading financial centers.

Getting an apartment might not be easy as you might have earlier thought. There is a huge demand in the market for residential real estate in London. However, if experts are to be believed, the recent COVID-19 Pandemic along with Brexit has provided buyers with a slight window of opportunity as far as purchasing an apartment in London is concerned.

In this article, we are going to help prospective buyers with seven major tips that can help them get their hands on the best apartments in London. If you are someone interested in investing in the London property scene or moving in the hopes of living your best life, this article will help you in multiple ways.

List of 7 Top Tips to Buying the Best Apartment in London

  1. Locality matters over everything else in London-

If you want to experience London in all its glory, you need to prioritize the location over everything else. This means going to areas like Kensington, Chelsea, Notting Hill, or Knightsbridge. Almost all your major London attractions are within walking distance from these locations. You can even settle for a smaller place if you are getting an apartment here.

  • Select the best house removal services in London-

Moving to a new apartment means getting all your furniture for transportation. You would want to get this process done as fast as possible. If you want to ensure that this gets done with zero hassles, make sure that you hire the best house removal services in london. Not only will you not suffer from any damages, but get everything done quickly.

  • Avoid new constructions on the other side of the Thames close to the Chelsea Power Station-

London is all about a sense of culture. New apartment blocks on the other side of the Thames close to the Chelsea Power Station lack character. You get flats and apartments that all look the same and have no individuality. Additionally, you are not going to get access to London’s lifeline, the Tube. While they are attractive, it is best to stick to older locations in the city.

  • Consider public transportation options in the region-

While London’s iconic taxis are historically great, they are also very expensive. This means that unless you have your own vehicle, you need to explore public transportation options. The closer you are to the city square, the better will be your access to the Tube, Bus Systems and other public transportation facilities. Options decrease when you move farther away.

  • Go for neighborhoods and locations that have a great safety record-

There are many up-and-coming neighborhoods in the Greater London district. While they offer lower prices, nearly the same kind of leisure and entertainment, one factor that they cannot match up to is safety and security. The central London district is safe as houses. The government and law enforcement ensure that no untoward incidents take place here.

  • Always pay attention to building charges and maintenance costs-

Moving into a century-old apartment block might be romantic, but it can also be a major source of financial drain. This is because older properties have higher building charges and maintenance costs. Newer constructions, townhouses, and mews might help you save thousands of pounds on annual building and maintenance charges in London.

  • Don’t fall for over-the-top designs and finishings in apartments-

It has been found that developers often try to hide glaring problems by resorting to exorbitant designs and furnishings. Make sure that the foundations and other essentials of the property are stable. Check for things like the parquet, the basement flooring, and the condition of the laminate. This will give you a good idea about whether a property is worth it or not.

The Final Takeaway

London is one of the world’s most expensive real estate markets. Buying homes at great and iconic locations mean that in case of any financial problems, you will be able to dispose of the property at a fair market rate. If you have any questions on the topic, please let us know in the comments below. We would be more than happy to aid and assist you in your apartment buying journey in London.

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