Top Music Artists of 2021

Billy Corgan net worth

Music is an integral part of soul revitalization. There have been several bands, rappers, singers, and producers from the past. But every coming year brings us some new talent and soulful voice. Thus we should give an opportunity to new talent also.

Well, let’s look at the topmost singers of the 21st century.

Topmost music artists

●       Eminem

Eminem is the born legend of the music and is an actor, American rapper, music producer. The renowned singer has made his name by selling over 300 million records that make him the best hip-hop artist of all the time. In addition to the solo career, he is the member of Royce and D12.

●       Linkin Park

It is an American Rock band which was formed in 1996, Agoura Hills. The round has currently included artists like Joe Hahn (DJ), Phoenix Farrell (Bass) and Rob Bourdon (Drums). Also, Linkin Park is associated with a mixture of Alternatives.

●       Kanye West

He is an American rapper, fashion designer, and songwriter. On 8th June he was born. After the separation of his parents, he and his single mother moved to Chicago. Kanye is regarded as the most famous American rapper of all the times.

●       Maroon

It is the American Rock pop band that originated in Los Angeles, and California. The band is famous because of the renowned artists like Jesse Carmichael Mickey Madden, Ryan Duisk, and others.

●       Coldplay

Cold play is the British rock band which was formed in 1996. The band is made up of Chris Martin who is the pianist, Jonny Buckland (lead guitarist), Guy Berryman (bassist) and the Will champion (backing vocalist). Also, the fifth member is considered as an unofficial member of the band.

●       Rihanna

She is the Barbadian-American pop Singer. She has entered the music industry by recording demo tapes under the direction of the record producer Evan Rogers. Recently she signed a recording contract with Def Jam, and she is making the perfect music career recently.

●       Billy Corgan

He is a fantastic Songwriter, American musician, poet, producer, and professional magnate. He is the famous lead singer, guitarists, songwriter, and the sole permanent member of The Smashing Pumpkins. Overall, the band quickly gained steam, and he has made his lucrative career in music. Hence, Billy Corgan net worth is $50 million, which has made him the wealthiest musician of the ages.

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