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Each year, 63% of Brits take a staycation in the UK. But how we get there varies greatly. Whether you’re planning how you’re going to get to your next staycation or simply want to see how your commute fairs up with everyone else’s, here’s a breakdown of the top transportation choices in the UK. 

Public transport 

Public transport is one of the most popular ways to travel, which is partly why the UK government has recently invested £61 billion to support the existing public transport systems we have. In the UK, we’re lucky enough to have an array of public transport methods that we can use if we need to get from A to B. These include: 

  • Bus: A convenient public transport method, busses are a convenient and accessible way to get around for millions of people. Spanning towns, cities and rural routes, busses relied upon by many people in the UK. 
  • Train: The rail network connects many towns, cities and suburbs across the UK. With many different operating systems, services vary wildly across different regions. While a fast and comfortable mode of transport, many train routes have been hit with strikes in the last few years, which has meant that it’s falling out of popularity with the general public. 
  • London Underground: For those living in the capital, the Tube is another popular mode of transport. As an extensive underground train system serving London and the surrounding areas, it’s a rapid, reliable way to get around the city. 

Public transport has continued to play a significant role in reducing our reliance on our cars, helping steer the UK towards a greener future. However, it’s not without risk. If you do take public transport and are involved in an accident, don’t forget that you you might be able to make a bus or train accident claim should you get injured. 


Cycling has been gaining momentum in the UK over the last few years. Driven by a desire to make healthy lifestyle changes and a growing awareness of pollution, many of us are dusting off our road bikes and commuting in this way. Spurred on by initiatives like cycle lanes and cycle-to-work schemes, the cycling industry is set to go from strength to strength in the next few years.   


Driving remains the most popular choice for many. Whether that’s just nipping to the shops, heading to the gym or running errands, most people choose to travel by car when given the option. 

Final thoughts… 

In conclusion, the UK’s transportation options are largely made up of public transport options like busses, trains and tubes. But these are often supplemented by cycling, car journeys and even walking due to persistent challenges like public sector strikes. What the future holds for public transport in the UK is uncertain, only time will tell which mode of transport reigns supreme in years to come. 

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