Top Trends in Show Home Interior Design This 2023

In the past years, we’ve seen an influx of different show home interior design styles and statements, particularly the trend for minimalism and elegant yet understated chic. But this year promises to be exciting, as there is a renewed emphasis on luxury – be it surfaces featuring natural stone, the return of bold and bright colours, finishes using mixed metals, statement lights, and even influences from the 1960s to the 1970s! These trends will surely bring style and sophistication to your show home – so without further ado, here are the top trends in show home interior design this 2023.

  •   Furniture styles to watch out for this yea

If you are outfitting your show home with furniture, the first thing you should know is that while rounded and curvy furniture with sloped arms is still in, furniture with streamlined and classic silhouettes is making waves in the show home interior designs of many. Also, if you are set to buy large furniture pieces this 2023, such as beds and sofas, you should know that your choice when it comes to fabrics matters – and classic and traditional fabrics such as cotton, linen, velvet, and weaves are popular once again.

  •   Minimalist vs maximalist

Another worthy trend to watch out for is all about expressing yourself – in fact, it’s not so much a ‘trend’ as it is a personal expression of your taste and preference. That said, the minimalist, modern style is still in vogue – especially when it comes to neutral elements, clean, geometric lines and black shapes. This is now combined with maximalist elements such as layered colours, textures, and vintage styles and pieces of furniture. Additionally, more and more people are mixing this with natural forms and materials like stone, wood, rattan, and linen, according to a showhome interior design expert like Blocc, which has been incorporating these precise elements in numerous show homes to date.

Furthermore, since the lines are beginning to blur – as evidenced by maximalist combined with minimalist designs and a nod to natural materials – you can easily create and develop your own style, which leads to a more personalised appeal and approach to decorating a show home this 2023.

  •   Luxurious living

Another trend is making waves this year – the trend of luxury living and a better, broader mindset and attitude. But when we talk about luxurious living, we don’t just refer to having expensive or fancy furniture or decorative elements – it’s more about being refined and having a new approach when decorating our homes. In other words, it’s more about creating a space that has a sophisticated, stylish, sumptuous, yet timeless appeal – and making the space your own.

And if you’re thinking of ‘luxe’ styles and designs such as something glamorous, shiny, glitzy, or mirrored, you couldn’t be more wrong. Here, luxury stands more for warmth, calmness, cushioned seats, plush rugs, elegant and luxurious throws and pillows, and layered gradient lighting.

This also brings to mind a modern space accentuated with neutral hues, clean pieces of furniture, and gorgeous, opulent fabrics such as linen, velvet, and silk. You might also want a more custom-made, adaptive space by bringing in layered tones and textures, rich, bright colours, grid patterns, and lavish throws and pillows in the iconic style of Ralph Lauren.

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