What is Lasik SMILE eye surgery?

With precise femtosecond laser technology and lenticular extraction, Lasik SMILE eye surgery is the latest advancement in laser vision correction. A very simple method is used to create the side cut within the cornea. Consequently, most upper corneal layers remain untouched, resulting in a faster and more efficient procedure.

There are undeniable advantages to this new flapless technology, as it has a minimal surgical impact on corneal stability and is exceptionally predictable regarding refractive outcomes. The procedure takes 10 to 20 minutes from beginning to end and is conducted under the supervision of Dr. Abdullah Naqi in the most comfortable and assuring conditions. Lasik dubai eye surgery has all these features and more, making it one of the fastest and safest eye care procedures of this century.

The following benefits and advantages are available with SMILE eye surgery:

✔ Rapid treatment with a single-step procedure

✔ Healing of the cornea is accelerated with a flapless process

✔ There is less severity of dry eyes after surgery

✔ No drastic changes occur in corneal stability

✔ Infections or tissue ingrowths are less likely

✔ For patients with higher refraction values, this is the best choice

✔ Compared to older techniques, this technique involves 80% fewer cuts


A Femto-LASIK patient must be placed under two machines; the first is the femtosecond laser machine that creates an opening in the cornea through which the cornea is tightened. Direct contact with the eyeball and increased pressure on its surface are involved in this process. The process still involves creating a flap through laser cutting but it is more accurate than blade-based surgery. The patient is then moved to the Excimer Laser Machine, where the laser reshapes the cornea in a precise and calculated manner after forming the flap. After the laser ablation process, the flap is repositioned back onto the surface and permanently attached to the cornea. The flap is then repositioned and again becomes a part of the cornea.

SMILE eye procedures operate in a closed environment and do not require blades or flaps like traditional LASIK. This process is faster, more efficient, and technologically advanced with SMILE.

The SMILE procedure machine

Carl Zeiss, one of the world’s leaders in lens manufacturing and development, generates a femtosecond laser that prepares the corneal tissue lenticule using their highly advanced Visumax machine. Depending on the degree of power correction needed, this tissue can vary in thickness from patient to patient.

Machines use sophisticated cups that adjust themselves based on the corneal curvature of each patient. A slight change in eye pressure follows a small touch. In the cornea, a femtosecond laser creates lenticule tissue discs, which are then extracted through 2mm keyholes created by the laser.

Best eye surgery clinic

At the North American Lasik and Eye Surgery Centre in Dubai we are the first center to use the Visumax 800 for SMILE eye surgery procedures. See why over 16,000 patients trust our expertise in laser eye surgery. We are located just 30 minutes from the airport where international flights connect every day.

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