What to Do After an Oilfield Explosion or Accident?

Oilfield accidents happen, but what happens after that? The victims are often left with questions and little hope of getting answers. Oilfield accidents result in injuries and death, making it crucial that the victims and their loved ones know what to do after an incident.

One of the important things to do after an oilfield explosion or accident includes speaking to any of the best oilfield accident lawyers in the area to know more about your rights and what you can do to get the best possible compensation from the guilty party. The lawyer will assist you through the whole process of getting justice for your lost loved ones or the injuries sustained by you.

However, it is vital that you follow a certain procedure after an accident has happened so as to make sure that your claim will be compensated appropriately.

Here is a step-wise guide on what to do after an oilfield explosion.

  • Stop working immediately

In the event of an oilfield accident, you must not continue working as you may worsen your situation and further expose yourself to the dangers of gas explosions and other accidents. Instead, you should stop working and leave the area for some place safer.

  • Report your injuries immediately

After the initial shock of an accident has passed, it is important to report the injuries you have sustained immediately. You must speak to the supervisor or employer and inform them that you have been hurt in an accident at the workplace.

  • Demand immediate medical treatment 

Go to the emergency room or any doctor nearby or call an ambulance to get immediate medical attention. Seek out medical care as soon as possible, even if your injuries do not appear to be serious. Treatments for oilfield injuries are different from regular accidents, so you must be sure about what you are undergoing.

  • Do not give a formal statement, sign any paperwork, or accept any money from the company before you consult a lawyer

The employer may try to get you to sign a statement saying that the injury wasn’t work-related or that it was your fault. Don’t do this! You should not give any formal statements or sign any papers before you have consulted a lawyer.

  • Contact an oilfield accident lawyer

You should hire a lawyer immediately after the incident. An oilfield accident lawyer can help you gather enough evidence to prove the cause of your injuries or loss. They can also help you get compensation or settlement from the responsible party.

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