What You Need to Keep in Mind for a 2021 Wedding

2021 is almost here, and we’re all hoping for better days for sure. 2020 has been nothing short of interesting, and we’ve all been through so much. If you’re a couple planning for a 2021 wedding, we’re sure you want to know what to expect. Knowing these things will help you plan properly and handle your wedding safely.
However, if there’s one thing this year has taught us, it’s that things can change in a day, but nevertheless, we’ll try. So here are the things you need to keep in mind for a 2021 wedding. They’ll help ensure that you have a fun and stress-free celebration.

Plan for A Smaller Celebration

The fact that your guest list is smaller does not mean your wedding will be less fun. You can have a creative and spectacular celebration with just the people closest to you. Weddings in 2021 have to be smaller so that they can be safer, but that also means they can be more intimate. Steer the direction of your wedding towards intimacy, and you’ll have a great time.
Factor in Virtual Guests
From setting up a live stream to appointing someone to be in charge, remember to include virtual guests in your planning. You’ll also need the right equipment, software and even a videography team if possible. Remember that some of the people you love and want to be at your wedding may only be able to attend online. You need to make the experience special for them too.

Digital Communications

From wedding websites to digital invites, wedding communications have shifted online, so be prepared for that. You may have to send your save-the-dates and wedding invites through emails and get your RSVPs over them. Your planning process might also happen largely over the internet. Vendors are more open to online meetings now that they are a proven way to stay safe in this pandemic.

Watch Out for Seasonal availability

By now, you’ll already know that the year 2021 is jam-packed with weddings. You also need to consider the disruption in supply that has happened over the past year. Vendors may find it challenging to make certain requests happen, so flexibility is your best bet. You may also find it easier to work with DIY companies like ShipOurWedding who can provide you pipe & drape rentals & another decor. They’re trusted and are a more cost-effective option.

Consider A Weekday Wedding

There’s a high chance the weekend date you’ve chosen, won’t work for the venue you like or the vendor you want. Weekdays are cheaper, which is good for your savings and you’ll discover more possibilities open for your wedding with them. You can get a cover chair also.

Many of the postponed weddings from 2020 choose a 2021 date, so if you’re planning yours for the same year, you may have to make some allowance. You could also have your wedding broken down into different days to make it safer and more fun.

Different Seating Charts

If you’ve been dreaming of using your wedding to matchmake, 2021 may sadly not be the year for it. For one thing, your seating chart has to be in line with safety guidelines and that means 6 feet between guests.
You could also opt for social circles which would mean guests from the same house can sit together. Whichever you decide, please make sure that social distancing rules are strongly observed for the safety of your guests.

You’ll Need to Include Health and Safety Information

Guests for your wedding in 2021 will be expecting couples to share their safety plans. Your wedding website is one place you can put this. Make sure to share information on your wedding venue safety rules, the availability of sanitizing stations and lots of other health and safety tips. You can also talk about testing information and general news about the pandemic in your locality.

We hope you found these tips helpful when it comes to planning your upcoming reception. Keep these factors in mind and your guests will be sure to feet comfortable at your event. We recommend you keep updated with policy determinations for your state, venue location and guest count. Congratulations and we hope your celebration is a everything you have imagined.

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