What You Need When Starting University: 5 Key Items

Heading off to university is a major milestone, and this means that your college preparation can be incredibly stressful. If no one in your family has been to university before, you may struggle to know what to take with you. Then, here are some of the top items that you should take with you to university to ensure that your next term is successful.

1. A Notebook Laptop

You might consider investing in gadgets like a notebook laptop. This type of laptop is smaller than other types of laptops, which ensures that you can pack it into your satchel and take it around campus with you. It can be a useful tool for your studies as a notebook laptop can allow you to quickly take lecture notes and study from anywhere, making sure that you are never left without the resources that you need to complete your study tasks.

2. A Water Bottle

If you are unable to stay hydrated throughout the day, you may find that your concentration and focus start to wane and that you are unable to listen to your lecturer during your lectures and seminars. Then, you should make sure that you pack a water bottle to take with you to university, as this will allow you to take water or squash with you wherever you go. This can also save you money as you will be less tempted to buy a takeaway drink on your way to your lectures and meetings.

3. Reading Glasses

When you are at university, you will likely be doing a lot of close-up work to succeed at all of your assignments, such as reading and writing up reports on your laptop. Then, to make sure that you have no problems with looking at short distances, you should consider getting reading glasses that can help you to focus on writing and screens without having to strain your eyes. These can help to make your university days a success, will ensure that you do not miss a thing, and can ensure that you avoid frequent migraines caused by eye strain and dry eyes.

4. A Calendar

It can be incredibly difficult to keep track of all of your deadlines, especially if you are taking multiple units at once. Then, rather than struggle to juggle all of your deadlines and lectures, you should consider investing in a wall calendar. This calendar can make it easy to keep track of important dates — and count down the days to your next break — so that you never miss another important assessment or deadline again.

5. Notebook

If you are more traditional about the way that you like to keep notes, you need to invest in a sturdy notebook that you can take between all of your lectures. This notebook should be lined, should have a waterproof cover, and should also be smaller than A4, as this can make it easy for you to carry this notebook with you to all the places that you need to go in a single day.

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