Why is My Dog Panting Heavily?

Panting is very common with dogs. It may not be something to worry about. They pant in other to regulate their temperature. They have no sweat glands, so panting does the work. They also do so when they are happy, anxious, or stressed. These are common to dogs.

However, if the panting is more severe or heavy, there may be a cause for alarm. Nevertheless, it is crucial to monitor the behavior of your dog. To know more about this, follow the explanations below.

Why Do Dogs Pant?

Dogs pant for multiple reasons. It is a necessary action carried out by dogs, and it could enable one to understand their expressions and desires.

· Anxiety 

Anxiety also causes panting in dogs. When they are anxious about a specific item, they bring out their tongue. It can either be for food or treats. You experience this when they are anxious. In such a case, there is no cause for alarm. This behavior can also be accompanied by whining and eyes fixed to the target—the link here https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/life/pets/g20706648/ease-dog-anxiety/ has more on dealing with anxiety in pet.

· Excitement 

Dogs pants out of excitement. This means they do so when they are happy and relish the moment they are experiencing. They may be playing at this point, either with their owners or their toys. This action at this time points to happiness and excitement. It is often accompanied by the wagging of the tail. When this occurs, there is no cause for alarm.

· Stress 

When your dog is stressed, it also pants. They do so accompanied with whining. Sometimes, they also look away from their owners. They are not interested in playing. In such a case, all you need to do is to try and make the pooch comfortable. This will help reduce its stress and tiredness.

What Causes my Dog to Pant Heavily?

However, if you notice it’s out of the ordinary and ask why is my dog panting, it could be for any of the following reasons.

· Heatstroke

When there is excessive heat, you should try to regulate the temperature. Do not leave your dog alone in a hot car. Extreme heat is dangerous to its health. So, when your pup is gasping heavily, you try and intervene by putting on the air conditioner. You can also intervene by providing a cool shade. If this sign is ignored, it may lead to unwanted behavior.

· Pain

Pain also causes excessive and heavy gasping. Once the gasping is abnormal, check appropriately if your pooch is passing through pain. You can also contact your vet to ensure all is well. Pain can cause heavy gasping. Observe the body of your dog and make sure there is no injury. If you are unable to find one, observe its behavior. Ultimately, to be on the safe side, contact your vet.

· Sickness/diseases

Your canine friend may be sick. If this is the case, then it can gasp heavily. Sickness/disease causes heavy gasping. At this point, it is essential to visit your vet to know what the case is. The gasping may be accompanied by a lack of appetite, and your canine friend may be uninterested in anything. It doesn’t want to play and is moody. All these are signs to check with heavy panting.

· Medications

There are medications with such side effects, e.g., steroids. Steroidal drugs can cause panting as a side effect in pooches. If your dog is on medications, consult your vet to examine the medication.

What to Do

If your canine friend is gasping heavily, there are certain things you can do. It is crucial to consider doing the following:

· Try to Cool/Shade Them

Probably the sun is too much, and your pup is feeling uneasy. You can help by providing a shade and cooling them. This can help them relax. You can also pour water to cool the temperature. This also includes giving them water to drink. The aim is to try and regulate their temperature. There are suggestions here on how to regulate your pet’s body temperature in cold weather.

· Visit Your Vet

If the situation does not get better, then you should consult with your vet immediately. It may be something severe; you never can tell. A vet will observe your pet to understand the predicament better. This is important to reduce unnecessary tension.

Final Note

Panting in dogs is a trait. However, where it is heavy, you should seek the required help to know the exact cause. The information above will put you in the right step.

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