Yes, These Types of AC Units Exist. Take A Look

Air conditioners are love. They have become an integral part of our lives. In developed countries like Canada, USA, a huge fraction of people have installed one or another type of AC unit. According to research conducted by the US Department of Energy, the consumption of electricity by ACs accounts for 6% of the total bill. With the changing times, the options available in air conditioners have increased. Gone are the days when you were just supposed to head to the nearest shopping mall and pick one window unit without thinking much. The world has changed and the electronic industry too. If you want to keep up with time and pick the best device off the shelf, then stay tuned. refurbished PTACs from PTAC4Less are perfect for room renovations or additions In this article, we would talk about the types of air conditioners that you can choose from.

There are six main types of air conditioners available. They are designed to fulfil certain needs. Take a look at them and find the right one for you and your family-

Central AC:

A central air conditioning system is a combination of two main units- Indoor and outdoor. The former comprises air handler and evaporator coils. On the other hand, the condenser and compressor make the outdoor unit. For a smart home experience, programmable thermostats are used with central AC units. You should choose a central AC system because of the following pros

  • The rooms that are connected to the ducts get the cooling at once in minimum time. A regulated environment is created.
  • Reduced humidity in the rooms creating a comfortable overall atmosphere.

Cons Of A Central AC System-

  • High energy bills due to high energy consumption
  • Effectiveness and efficiency may decrease if ducts face any problem

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Ductless Mini-Split

Need an option with better efficiency? Have a small space to be cooled? This is the best option for you. There can be multiple indoor units that contain air blowers. They are mounted on a wall. On the other hand, outdoor units come with a condenser and compressor. The refrigerant and tubing are the channels through which the air is circulated. You can also avail an option that is remote controlled.


  • The temperature and atmosphere of each room can be controlled individually
  • Ductwork is minimum while installing a ductless mini-split air conditioner unit


  • Insufficiency of cooling large homes with one ductless AC unit
  • The holes, the big wires, and other setting apparatus are visible to naked eyes resulting in decreasing decorum of your room

Window AC

Looking for an AC for a small area? A window air conditioner is for you. It is a single unit that ejects heat out and blows cool air inside. A hole or a window is required to install it in a room. They have a filter that should be cleaned regularly in order to maintain maximum efficiency.

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  • Less costly
  • Easy to install


  • High noise
  • Installed close to an electric socket
  • Obscure the view from a window

Portable AC

Similar to window ACs, they are also placed in one unit. The main difference here is a portable air conditioner is a free-standing unit. They can be moved from one place to another. All you need is access to a window near that to blow out the heat to be exhausted. They are the most suitable ones when you want temporary space cooling. It evaporates the condensed moisture. Mostly they are used for bathrooms or kennels.


  • Easily moved and are highly locomotive
  • No permanent installation needed
  • Lower cost


  • Can’t spread cooling effect to a large room
  • Noisy during operation

Hybrid Fuel AC

Such types of the air conditioner are a combination of a gas furnace and an electric air-source heat pump. A hybrid system is a cost-effective approach.The process of exposing heat out and bringing in coolness is reversed. The furnace kicks in when it’s too cold for a heat pump glossary to function.


  • Decreased carbon footprint
  • The minimum cost of energy bills and maximum indoor comfort


  • High installation cost
  • High chances of breakeven shortly
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