5 reasons to buy aluminium doors

Aluminium sliding doors

Doors are some of the most used parts of the house so it’s not surprising that they go through wear and tear pretty quickly.

If you think your house is due for some new doors, you have a lot to be excited about. There are many types of doors you can choose from but it’s important to choose the material of your door first. Of all the materials available, you might want to put aluminium on top of your list of choices.

It’s one of the trendiest types of doors out there and that’s for good reason. With these advantages, it’s hard to deny that aluminium doors are certainly a good choice.

1. Durability, Strength, Stability

This is perhaps the most important advantage of aluminium doors compared to other doors. Let’s talk about wooden doors first. Even when treated, these types of doors can wear out over time. They can chip and break apart. Unless properly sealed, they’re prone to water damage as well.

Aluminium doors offer a lot in terms of durability, strength, and stability. It’s not just doors too. Aluminium products, in general, can last for decades whereas wooden doors can only last for a few years.

If you want good doors for a home that’s going to be with you indefinitely, then having aluminium doors is an excellent choice. It doesn’t have to be maintained as much as other door types but it can last for much longer.

You might be worried about rust but you shouldn’t be. Even if it does get wet, aluminium doesn’t rust.

2. Climate Resilience

If you live in an area that experiences rain or in an area that experiences extreme heat, then you need to be careful when picking your doors.

Wooden doors can get damaged over time even if they’re sealed properly because of rain. There’s also the risk of mould developing within the door itself which is a major health concern for your family. On the other hand, metal doors can warp or get deformed over time in hot climates.

Aluminium resists both ends of the climate spectrum. Whether it’s too hot or too cold, aluminium will remain fine.

3. Cheaper Than Most Doors

Despite being such a durable and lightweight material, aluminium doors are surprisingly cheap. They are a lot cheaper than wooden and metal doors. The only door that’s cheaper than aluminium are those made out of PVC but in terms of quality and durability, those aren’t excellent choices.

With that, you should also consider the fact that since aluminium lasts longer and it requires less maintenance, it’s a cheaper option in the long run as well.

You should also consider the fact that aluminium is a lot less harmful to the environment than wooden doors are. As they last longer, the resources needed to build aluminium doors are far less impactful than what’s needed for wooden doors.

4. Modern Look For Your Home

Wood might be timeless but if you’re going to a modern approach to your home’s aesthetic, then aluminium is the way to go.

Aluminium blends well with today’s minimalistic approach to home design. It’s a good idea to have both aluminium windows and doors in your home as it makes it look simpler. It also blends well with solid colours such as black and white if that’s the aesthetic you’re going for in your home.

5. Better Insulation

The technology behind creating aluminium doors has changed a lot over the last couple of years. Now, aluminium doors are better when it comes to insulation. They can help make your home feel cooler during the summer.

This is a big advantage when it comes to your electricity bills as well. Thanks to better insulation, you’re going to be using less electricity to cool your home using your air conditioner.

Disadvantages of Aluminium Doors

While near perfect, aluminium doors aren’t without their flaws. It’s vital that you know about these as well.

One of the disadvantages of aluminium doors is that they can stain very easily with water. If you’re living in an area where it rains often, you can expect the stains to be persistent. If you clean the stains regularly, then they won’t be permanent as well.

Another disadvantage of aluminium doors is that they can get scratched over time. Those marks might be unsightly for some. It’s very important that you be very careful when moving around near the door to avoid scratching it.

Keep in mind that no product is perfect. While aluminium doors do have their disadvantages, it’s safe to say that the good definitely outweighs the bad in this case.

Aluminium sliding doors are the best-kept secret of homeowners across Australia. It’s going to be an excellent addition to your home. If you want a door that’s cheaper, eye pleasing, and durable, then shouldn’t look anywhere else other than aluminium.

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