Can Aromatherapy Help with Headaches?

Would you like a natural way to get rid of your headache? Many people hate taking medicine, and if you regular suffer from headaches, this might be something you are looking to avoid. Thankfully, there are natural ways you can help to ease your discomfort. One way is through aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy is a holistic healing treatment that people use for many different reasons. The purpose is to use plant extracts as natural remedies. So, let’s take a closer look to see whether it can really help with headaches.

Will Aromatherapy Help My Headache?

Perhaps you are someone that is sceptical when it comes to natural remedies. This is something that is common, as there are many gimmicks out there. But we can confirm that aromatherapy is not one of them. This is a treatment that has been enjoyed for centuries, and there are plenty of studies to back up the benefits that it can offer you.

In particular, aromatherapy uses essential oils to ease headaches. You will inhale natural plant extracts, and this can be done by using effective wooden diffusers in your home. Smellacloud offers some quality diffusers and 100 per cent natural essential oils that you can use when you are feeling under the weather. This can release tension that might be causing a headache and allow you to relax.

Something you have to be careful of is overdoing it. In particular, you do not want to use too much essential oil, as this can make your headache worse. So, never use more drops of oil because you think that this will be more powerful against your headaches. This might not have the desired effect you want. In particular, if you are new to aromatherapy, you will want to use a minimal dose so that you can get used to it. Again, you want to help your headache and not make it worse.

What Essential Oils are Good for Headaches?

When it comes to aromatherapy and headaches, there are some essential oils you should choose over others. Let’s check them out.


One essential oil that is often associated with relaxing and better sleep, it is lavender. Indeed, this is an oil that makes our list and that you should try if you have a headache. In particular, there have been some studies to suggest it ca relieve migraines. Perhaps this is because by allowing you to relax your body, you can ease some of the tension and discomfort you are feeling.


When someone wants to relax or they are feeling stressed, they often turn to a cup of chamomile tea. Well, this is also an essential oil that you can try diffusing in your home when you have a headache. If you think that your symptoms are being caused by anxiety or stress, this is an oil you can try. It might help you to manage your symptoms before you get a headache. What’s more, it may even help to alleviate the discomfort you are feeling at the time.


Another essential oil you can try if your headache is not going away is peppermint. It is very popular as an alternative medicine for many different conditions. But, there is some suggestion that it can help with tension headaches too. In particular, peppermint contains something called menthol, which may help to ease discomfort from a headache. In addition, when it is diffused, people say that peppermint has a cooling effect that can leave you feeling revitalised.


Next on the list is one that is thought to clear your sinuses. We are talking about eucalyptus. Indeed, this is an oil you can use if you feel like your sinuses being blocked are giving you a sore head. Indeed, when you have a cold, this is something that can happen and you feel terrible. So, you can try diffusing eucalyptus oil. This might help to clear your sinuses and ease the discomfort you are feeling.

How Do You Choose Essential Oils?

If you have never bought essential oils before, you might not know what to look for. Here are some simple tips that will help you choose the right products.

Look for 100 Per Cent Natural

Something that is very important is to choose 100 per cent natural essential oils. This is going to ensure that you are enjoying a natural remedy and that there are no chemicals or additives contained in it. After all, a lot of the studies that are done on oils are based on the natural versions. So, if you want to try to replicate the results, you need to use the purest form of that oil.

Choose a Reputable Company

Something that is very important is to do your research when it comes to aromatherapy companies. You want to select one that you trust. Make sure that you read reviews and see what type of experience they have. It can also be useful to read about how they source their oils and manufacture them.

Read Customer Feedback

If there are customer reviews on essential oils, make sure you read them. See what people are saying about them and whether they have had a good experience. This way, you can know you are getting a good product.

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