Complete Review of Huawei Matebook D 15

Welcome to the latest technology write-up, we are back for another gadget review, and this time we got the latest huawei matebook d 15 which is the most affordable in the mate book family but packs with a lot of good features and advanced specs so without wasting our time. Let’s get right into it

The huawei matebook d 15 comes in two color variants that are pace grey and mystic silver. The mystic silver color looks nice and it has an ultra-slim metallic body design that is only 16.9 millimeters thin and weighs approximately 1.56 kilograms.

Product Specifications

This laptop is powered by an 11 gen Intel core i5 processor coupled with 16 gigs of dual-channel ram, 256 gigs of storage, and an Intel iris Xe graphics card. It also has a blazing fast Wi-Fi 6 and a 42-watt-hour battery moving on to the ports. On the left side we got a USB charging port, a led indicator USB 3.2, and the HDMI port then on the right side we got a 3.5-millimeter jack for the headset and mic. Another two USB 2.0 ports under that are the dual down-firing speakers on each side and of course some heat vents. This huawei matebook d 15 also has a full-size Chiclet keyboard and a huge nice touchpad. It also has a power button that doubles up as a fingerprint scanner which is very convenient instead of typing a password right.

Display Features

Let’s go ahead and talk about the display and system efficiency. The fingerprint scanner works fast and it won’t annoy you with unlocking delays. It has a gorgeous 15.6-inch huawei full view display and its 87 screens to body ratio and has 250 nits of brightness and an aspect ratio of 16 by 9. This is good for watching movies or YouTube videos and it’s coupled with dual speakers for a more immersive sound experience and I can say that the speakers do sound really good and loud enough for a movie marathon. The viewing angles of huawei matebook d 15 are decent and I tried using adobe premiere pro for video editing and also adobe Photoshop and because of these laptop specs everything runs smooth and fast.

Innovative Features

Huawei has pioneered innovations ever since and one of its innovations is the hidden webcam under the keyboard. This is one megapixel, recessed camera. You will surely like it because you can simply pop it up when you need it and just tuck it down. When you want some privacy during video calls which you find very convenient, there’s also a new pair of front-facing microphones that can pick up your voice to 5 meters away which is good especially when doing video hauls or zoom meetings, another cool feature.

One of my favorite features of huawei matebook d 15 is what they call the multi-screen collaboration. So, all you have to do is to enter the multi-screen collaboration. Now, these features allow you to access your phone via the mate d15 and you can simply drag and drop files from your phone to the matebook without even touching your phone. This feature makes things a lot easier especially when you do video editing or Photoshop because transferring files has never been this easy. You can also use huawei share to transfer files just by tapping your phone and it happens fast and that’s because in the matebook d series laptops everything is faster. Faster response, faster connectivity with Wi-Fi 6 which is 2.7 times faster than its previous generation. So, everything is fast in huawei matebook d 15 and that’s due to its powerful processor and 16 gigs of dual channel ram.


I will recommend this laptop for your mid-range budget. You will surely be impressed with this laptop’s performance and if you want further information you can scroll our official website.


Thank you!

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