How to Choose the Right Mobile Phone Case?

When we have a new mobile phone, we all become cautious, for fear that the mobile phone may be dropped or scratched. At this time, we think of matching the new mobile phone with a favorite mobile phone case. Each mobile phone has its own corresponding style of the mobile phone case. HONOR has prepared two HONOR 20 Lite case for HONOR 20 Lite mobile phone users.

The first is the flip phone case. There are two options of black and blue. Most of the users of this type of mobile phone case may be more mature users. Because this type of mobile phone case is more suitable for some more business occasions. This phone case has a smart wake-up function when the cover is opened. It is the Hall magnetic induction of the mobile phone. A small magnet on the phone case, combined with a proximity sensor, can realize smart wake-up. For those who need to quickly turn on the phone, the flip phone case is indeed a good choice. This phone case can serve as a phone holder when needed. It allows users to free their hands to do their own things, such as when they need to take some notes.



The second is a “rubber phone case” that is more suitable for young people. The raw materials of this kind of shell are mostly made of PU, which belongs to casting molding. Compared with flip phone cases, this type of mobile phone case does not look so serious because of the lack of a cover. This kind of phone case looks more dynamic. The black or blue appearance makes it look a little more fashionable. It can be said that the soft shell is the most suitable for young people. The matte surface is not afraid of scratches, and will not change color due to oxidation. The only drawback is that it is not so resistant to drops and requires users to pay attention to the protection of the mobile phone.



If you are struggling with whether to wear a mobile phone case, the answer given in this article is to wear a mobile phone case. You can choose a mobile phone case you like. Not only for its good-looking but also for these advantages: 1. The phone case can be slip-resistant. Since many mobile phones nowadays are very thin, they are easier to slip 2. Drop and scratch resistance.

The thinner mobile phone case has a good hand feeling and is very convenient to disassemble, but it is not resistant to falling. Although the thicker mobile phone case is resistant to falling, it is difficult to press the keys. Cheap mobile phone cases are easy to oxidize and turn yellow. Too hard a mobile phone case is easy to scratch the mobile phone when disassembled. The ultra-thick mobile phone case can effectively protect the mobile phone, but there will be obstacles to the heat dissipation of the mobile phone. Leather-type mobile phone cases look good, but they will age seriously within half a year. The official mobile phone case is moderately hard and soft, and its thickness is also appropriate. It is specially prepared for mobile phones. Although as long as you pay more attention to it, there is no problem not using the mobile phone case. If there is a good choice, it is better to prepare an additional layer of protection for your beloved mobile phone.

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