How to Spruce up Your Home Without Breaking the Bank

Are you bored with your home décor? Perhaps you have people coming to stay and are embarrassed that everything looks a little tattered or tired?

There are many reasons to give your home a makeover. Whether you’re hoping to add value for buyers, or simply to give yourself a boost, a home makeover is vital sometimes.

If you don’t have tons of cash to splash, you can find cool ways to redecorate without spending a lot. Here’s some ideas how to spruce up your home when you’re on a budget.

Paint Provides a New Lease of Life

Changing the paint colours in your home can provide a dramatic effect and really boost your mood. Paint is probably the most inexpensive way to give your home a modern update.

Do a little research beforehand and consider whether the colour you choose will match the furniture that is there already. Think about the scene you want to set in each room.

  • Neon pink makes a bold statement – use it for hallways or entrances
  • Grey-brown – this is such an adaptable colour, as it works with reds, whites and creams. Use it in an office space, bedroom or hallway
  • Sage green – a popular colour for sitting and living rooms, as it is soothing but cosy
  • Dusty pink – feminine and chic, this is a wonderful colour for bedrooms
  • Bright turquoise blue – great for children’s bedrooms, or add patterned pillows for a beautiful guest room

Remember you can also paint an old cabinet or dresser to give it a new lease of life. Bright, loud colours work well, but make sure the item is the focal point of the room. You can try hiring any spray painting expert; they have more experience and know what color can match your furniture in your house.

Going Minimalist? Declutter First

When you want to give your home a modern makeover, the minimalist look is easy. However, first you must completely declutter your home.

Get rid of:

  • Any broken items that can’t be easily fixed – especially electrical items
  • Any clothing that hasn’t been work for over 12 months

It makes sense to have a good clear-out sometimes, but maybe you don’t want to get rid of everything? That’s when you look to better storage solutions for your home.

Luckily now you have so many options, even in smaller spaces.

  • Add shelves at a higher level in your bedroom
  • Purchase a bed from the Divan Beds Centre, a new bed and lots of storage in the base
  • Add shoe racks to the back of closet doors so you hide away all the pairs

Choose Second-hand Furniture to Replace Old

If your sofa or dining table is looking a little weathered? Why not choose a second-hand one to replace it? It’s environmentally friendly and you could get a brilliant piece for less than half the price of a new one.

  • Hardwood furniture is durable, so you might get a good deal on an item that will last
  • Don’t ignore laminate or veneer pieces, they can take more wear and tear than wood
  • Metal furniture can be refurbished. Remove rust and add a new coat of paint and it will look great.

Update the Kitchen

Your kitchen may look like it’s stuck in another decade, but you don’t need to blow the budget to fix that. Replacing just some items can update the look instantly.

  • Faucets – pop to HomeBase or B&Q and you can get a whole set of faucets for £30
  • Get a new statement light fitting over the dining area – you’ll have a new talking point too
  • Add a gallery wall – strategically placed photos can cover an old boring wall
  • Doorknobs – why not buy some colourful doorknobs for the cabinets to liven up the colour scheme
  • Put plants on the windowsill – bring the outdoors in to add life to your kitchen


Minimalism is all the rage right now. By reducing the number of things in your rooms, you’re giving your house a bit more touch of class. You’ll be surprised at just how different your house would look once you remove all of your non-essential items. It will feel like a huge weight was lifted off your shoulder. This also gives you the opportunity to start your redecorating journey with a blank canvas. Send all of your clutter to a storage facility near you. Storage units in London are quite cheap and cost-effective for homeowners on a budget.

Small Changes Really Make a Difference

As you can see, there are so many small ways that you can make your home look different. Even if you don’t have a lot of money to invest, there are tricks to sprucing up the home cheaply.

Hopefully these tips will inspire some ideas of your own. Happy decorating!

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