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So the scenario … you did your first parachute jump. You feel great. You can’t think of anything you want to do. What’s next? More skydiving, of course. And a lot of training. Then finally – go alone! But wait, you see these guys walking around in colorful, compact outfits, gorgeous looking helmets, and loads of cool gadgets when you’re stuck in a big Jenner set, an ugly leather hat, and jazmoz! ! There is only one solution. Buy your skydiving equipment. Now, we are not talking about the parachute drone. It would be a little radical. And you don’t need to buy an awning system anymore.

But if you live, breathe and parachute for old age and wrinkles, you will need your jumper suit and some other parts. If you have your own items, you can have the color and all the accessories you want. Plus, everything suits you. So 

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what equipment does a paratrooper need?

I’m glad you asked. Let’s talk about your suit first. It will all be a matter of personal preference. Color, style, harmony, and price. You also need to consider the modern parachuting environment that encompasses a range of disciplines, including abdominal flight (also known as modulation exansion (FS) or proportional work (RW)), which is sometimes vertical. It is also called SkyFive Diving (VFS) (flying on all axes, back, head, legs, and abdomen) or parachute pilot (fast post or parachute). These people all have their own clothing, but a good all-around suit is a free-flying jumpsuit, as long as it has some kind of grip on it. 

Variety of functions

But the most important thing to remember is this: You will continue to use this equipment for a long time, so you should be able to choose according to your skills. Your diving suit can also play an important role in your pelvic speed. You need to choose the right dress according to your size and experience. Keep diversity in mind and you will save a lot of money. If you choose a suit that performs a variety of functions – even a jacket and patent combination – you’ll keep your options open and keep some cash in your wallet. If it stays warm there, you can wear a shirt instead of a skydiving jacket on hot days. High-quality skydiving equipment stands for quality design, materials, and construction. You don’t want your equipment to explode at the wrong time.

In addition to the suit, you need a helmet (it should be an open helmet in the early stages, but then a full face), a final alarm that can be worn on your wrist or chest, or an adult that fits you. a helmet can wear goggles/goggles to keep the air away About your eyes (take people with UV filters seriously) … NOTE: Skydiving without/without goggles is not a good thing because you can use your bare eyes at 120 km / h. You see very little in the air! The daily is required to record all your skydiving achievements and provide a record of your achievements that you can take to the site to show your skill level and get all your tracks.

 A gear bag is a must-have (make sure you buy enough to hold the container when you’re done. Finally, as you enter the age of social/digital media, you’ll probably want to consider powerful cameras and laptops so you can instantly share all your skydiving experiences with friends and family, waterproof and it becomes small (like the Go Pro) It is good to take maximum care to be able to do it from all injuries, scratches and broken things you want.

Happy skydiving!

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