Teach your child how to use the internet in this Home School Age!

When we talk about Pandemic, alongside we talk about education too. It has given rise to not just eCommerce alone; the age of home school is on a surge too. It had turned into a need to shift the education system. And how well has the technology helped in healing the harm done by this pandemic. However, with great powers comes great responsibility too – where education has turned digital, threats have taken a digital ambush too. People are hesitating to apply now, Sophia High School says, for digital education.

It is totally understandable. Half of the problem can be resolved by applying to quality online education systems. But the other half needs to be handled at the parents’ end. Thus, it becomes necessary to teach a child how to handle this internet age well.

Internet-Safety Tips for your children during Home School!

The good thing about these tips is that they are not limited to home school uk alone. When you teach a child something, the teaching stays for long with that child for like a friend. The Internet is something that is going to be the future of the human race. Thus, it is your responsibility to prepare your child for the coming age. Here are few vital tips about safe internet usage to arm your child with –

Protect the device first!

The first thing you’d want to make sure of is that your child’s device is safe. The devil does not look like a walking body; the devil resides in a mind, and this mind can easily penetrate the digital walls. Here are few things you must do with the coming of internet age:

  • Use a good antivirus with Parental Control on your child’s device to stop threats.
  • VPN is a good way to stop predators getting a hand on your child’s device and personal data.
  • Keep regular checks that no unsafe apps are there on the device.
  • Use a camera cover clip for the device to ensure that no digital predator takes advantage of it.

These above tools are like security gates and CCTVs of a building. They are now required when all things including Home School have gone digital.

Teach your child the right Social Media usage!

Social Media is something that you won’t want to deprive your child from. It might make your child feel isolated. However, you would want to teach your child about the goods and bads of social media.

It all should start with taking your child in trust. Be his/her best friend. Play with your child. And then your child will listen to you.

  • Make your child feel smart by arming him/her with the right knowledge.
  • Teach your child about cyber bullying and ask him/her to tell you when there is such a situation. Do not just rely on them; watch the changes in their behavior to get a clue about the situation.
  • Teach your child how to behave online and how not to behave. It will prevent cyberbullying.
  • Show yourself as a live example by using social media wisely before them.

Teach your child about threats!

You’d not want to scare your child away from the internet. Threats will always be there, no matter if it is offline or online. The good is in teaching your child how to be prepared for it. Online threats have been usually divided into 4 Cs / parts:

  1. Content – how to stay safe from inappropriate online content!
  2. Contact – teaching about staying safe from coming in contact with dangerous people online.
  3. Conduct – how to behave and stay safe from dangerous behavior!
  4. Contract – how to click thoughtfully and surf the internet like a wise to not get binded by unnecessary contracts.

For Content, you may use Parental Control to block unnecessary content. Use CommonSenseMedia to check if the movies and games on the device are appropriate.

For Contact, it is good to teach your child how to be safe. Ask them to share with you the people they talk to, that you’d want to be their friend too. Go online with your child and teach how to surf and how to click thoughtfully. Teach them how not to click on pop ups. Unnecessary clicks and purchases can lead to lawful contracts. Teach them what is appropriate and what is inappropriate for them and ask them to tell you if they see any bad or strange content.

These are all the few tips that you’d want to teach your child about right internet usage. Apart from it, you must take help from someone if you feel the need. Choosing the right Home School that takes care of your child’s safety as much as you do should be the priority too.

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