The Famous Top Indian Restaurants in Houston

Indian Cuisine has its roots all over the world. People love to try the Indian cuisine because of its amalgam of rich taste for the taste of birds. Indian goods are loved widely and have an increasing demand because of the interesting flavors it has to offer. Many foreigners love to find Indian restaurants to give a feast to their taste buds. Before we talk more about it, we would suggest you to check these free food coupons so you can save money next time you’re dining out.

The adoration for food has been very interesting and the whim to explore various cooking styles is the intent for that one everybody has the impulses to investigate. It is the sign of various flavors coming straightway from the Indian kitchens. With the expanded interest Indian restaurants are opening in the entire world the Indian exceptional plans are being given outright perfection to the clients.

You can feel it intriguing that individuals succumb to Indian food since it has all the flavors that can deal with your taste buds. The dishes of Indians are not dull and exhausting; they are brimming with extraordinary tastes giving all flavors in their diners.

Overall individuals love the hard-hitting Indian plans and cheer with their taste in the subcontinent as well as everywhere in the world. The outsiders abroad consistently visit the eateries opened by the gourmet specialists and cooks hailing from India and treasure their taste buds with a treat.

Reasons of Popularity:

Even in the US people go crazy when it comes to Indian foods. People go crazy to explore new avenues of taste especially when it is from ancient cuisine. With the emergence of higher demands the foodies are attracted towards many newly opened Indian restaurants. These Indian restaurants not only brought Indian dishes but the same exquisite taste too. The chefs hailing from the abode of Indian culinary know how to win the hearts of people abroad. This article guides you about the top Indian restaurants in Houston. People are very excited to reach out to the places that offer the best Indian food in Houston. You can get the insights of the reason why they are popular and what foods they offer to clients. There are various recipes which these restaurants offer in their menu. All the restaurants vary to be popular for the different food choices that they provide.  You can rejoice with flavors that are adequately popular within India and other places of the world.

Top Restaurants:

There are many restaurants in Houston which are completely Indian based or some offer Indian food along with the other cuisine dishes. Some restaurants purely offer Indian food while some try to showcase some dishes from the Indian cuisine.

Biryani Pot:

When it comes to spicy biryani which has the Indian Hyderabad taste there is no better option other than heading to Biryani Pot. In these flavorful methods are utilized such as giving dum to rice. The routine biryani cooks meat separately while this biryani amalgams all together.  This food place in Houston is more famously known for biryani as their specialty. The menu lists 95 dishes which include meat, curries and breads. All the foods could be enjoyed both at the lunch course or dinner course.


This restaurant has been opened by Indian Anita Jaising who intermixed the Ayurveda with other spices. The special menu has the roots from the dishes belonging to different regions of India. They offer Keralas fish curry and parathas from Punjab. The millet loafs of Sindh and vindaloos of Goa. This restaurant provides a feeling that you are tasting specialties of India by moving to all its regional areas. All the team members at the restaurant are devoted to providing fresh products with rich taste. Originality to that extent that it comes under the best Indian restaurants in Houston

Flying Idlis:

It is also the best spot to visit when you want to enjoy the cozy breakfast and exquisite Fast-food. This restaurant is also known for the delicious dumplings called Dosa which are favorite all over India. Staff here is very much devoted to provide customers with the fresh food ensuring that all the ingredients used are from India. It is evident from their name that they mainly focus on the contemporary south Indian Idlis that have sumptuous taste. This Food stop is also gaining popularity for offering remarkable Indian food in Houston.


This restaurant offers the beautiful décor which captivates the attention of customers. They have a very interesting menu which grabs the attention of customers visiting them. Lamb over saffron which hardly gives you a hint about any smokiness. Their dal makhani that takes 72 hours to be prepared involves it to be cooked with tomato and smoked chili lentils.

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