The Latest Video Content Marketing Trends That Are Everywhere in 2022

An upward trend in video popularity is something the marketing industry cannot afford to ignore. This is particularly true when 84% of consumers have gone out and bought a product after seeing a video about it.

Video is becoming the most popular form of online content consumption. Businesses are taking notice, and they are recognizing the need to have video content marketing strategies.

Knowing what kind of video content is popular and trending is crucial to marketing efforts succeeding. If you’re in marketing and you want to create innovative marketing content that gets results, pay attention to these video content marketing trends for 2022.

Live Video

Live video’s popularity skyrocketed when the pandemic started as a great way for brands to stay connected with fans. And while the pandemic may be dying down, the demand for live video has only grown.

Live video on Facebook has viewers watching three times longer than they do for pre-recorded videos. It also gains six times more interactions. Live video should be a top priority in your marketing efforts.

Social Media Stories

Video stories on social media are an excellent way to showcase your brand’s personality. In fact, they tend to get more views than regular postings.

Video stories are also a great way to interact with your viewers. You can engage with them using the questions feature, create polls in the stories, and have Q&A sessions.


Vlogging is a great approach for brand storytelling. The creator or brand is at the center of the story covering topics and events that shape who exactly they are. Vlogs cover various topics such as fashion, food, sports, etc. and they are an excellent way for viewers to get a deeper glimpse into a brand’s backstory.

AR and VR Videos

Augmented and virtual reality videos have had a major popularity surge in recent years, and they are being used for different purposes. Online clothing retailers allow you to “try items on” through uploading pictures and seeing the items augmented to your person. Education is offering VR field trips, and the travel industry is offering VR tours of places that people can’t travel to.

Effective Video Content Marketing

There are several other approaches to video marketing, but these are the ones that carry major potential. All of this said, there are some guidelines you should follow to make killer content that gets results.

Follow the SMART marketing goals when making videos. Be specific (know your audience), measurable (know how many videos to make), achievable (within your resources), relevant (videos must align with brand goals), and time-bound (know when to release).

The time-bound factor requires you to have content ready in a timely manner and in a season where it will be most relevant. Click here to learn about the BlueStrawberry social media scheduler. This will help you have your posts ready for release well in advance, giving you more time to focus on other business needs.

More Digital Marketing Tips

This guide to popular video content marketing trends should be of major help to you as you plan your marketing strategy for 2022. So with all of this in mind, start creating great content and get ready to see results.

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