Christmas time is approaching again and, like every year, it is time to think about gifts. It is becoming more and more difficult to give a gift to a family member or friend and get it right in something they need and don’t already have.

How about you gift him health?  Massages gun a different gift that, without a doubt, the recipient will love. For this, at Body Factory Torrelavega we have prepared gift packs with special discounts to make the most of our facilities.

On the other hand, we offer you pack to give massages or wellness for your body.

Electric massage guns are a revolution in the field of physiotherapy, since they allow to massage in a simple and assisted way those painful areas or to be treated. It is an instrument used by professionals and that we can now use comfortably from home at affordable prices.

It is an essential massager in those cases that either due to medical indications, or because exercise or intense physical work is carried out, we need massages with some assiduity. A great product, it is not the result of a passing fad and is being used more and more from home.

Its benefits are similar to professional massages. It relaxes muscle fibers, helps resolve trigger points or muscle knots (the famous contractures), improves peripheral circulation and helps eliminate waste substances that accumulate after exercise, shortens recovery times from injuries, overloads or fatigue.

It is also valid as a therapy for chronic muscle, fascia or joint pain, but for this we recommend that you consult a healthcare professional first.

When making your choice, in addition to the price, consider aspects such as battery life (autonomy), the number and type of programs (vibration, rotation, deep percussion,) and RPM speeds , the type of heads, the noise level in dB , its weight and ergonomics.

Here is a selection of the best massage guns, ordered by sales (popularity) along with their main characteristics and reference price.


The guns muscle massage devices have gone from luxury for elite athletes to be at the reach of anyone who wants to experience its benefits.

So that you do not get lost on our website, here we leave you the most consulted options, or you can continue browsing:

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