What makes a baby registry a smart approach to minimise waste

Whether you’re having a baby shower or not, creating a baby gift registry is a brilliant way to get prepared for the arrival of your little one. Chances are your loved ones will want to buy you something to celebrate, and a gift registry helps ensure you get things you actually need. Read on to discover why creating a registry is such a smart and eco-friendly idea, plus our top eco-friendly gifts to ask for.

What is a baby registry? 

It might sound a bit knaff, but a baby registry is essentially a list of all the items you’d like for the arrival of your new baby. It can be items for baby (of which there’ll be many), as well as a few essentials for you to help you deal with being a new parent. You can add as many items as you like, from a mix of different brands, and send it to your family and friends every time someone asks what you need. The best thing is, your registry will automatically be updated when someone buys something to ensure no double-ups.

Why make a baby registry?

You don’t need all the stuff when you have a baby, but you do need some stuff. That’s where making a baby registry comes in handy. There’s several big ticket items you’ll need (a bassinet, cot, pram, baby carrier), as well as some smaller bits and pieces (clothes, pumps, nappies) and it can all add up very quickly. Your loved ones are likely going to want to get you a little something for your new arrival, so creating a registry helps you get exactly what you want (and need), removing the risk of double-ups or simply getting baby items you won’t use. It saves you a ton of money in the long run too!

3 ways making a baby registry minimises wastage

So how does a baby registry actually help you to avoid wastage? There’s a ton of waste in the world of new babies (and so much plastic). Here are some ways creating a registry cuts down on this: 

  1. No double-ups: You literally list out everything you need, no useless double-ups in sight.
  2. Receive products you actually want: Avoid being gifted something that will sit in its box for years to come. 
  3. Ability to choose eco-friendly products: Your registry, your rules. Control how eco-friendly your baby products are by only listing eco-friendly options on your registry.

6 Best Eco-Friendly Baby Gifts 

1. Bamboo Basix Breast Pads

Small but mighty, the reusable breast pads from Bamboo Basix nail the eco-friendly ethos to its core. When your milk first comes in, it’s totally normal that you’ll experience some leaks. Using breast pads is really handy to prevent your milk from dirtying your bra and top and soaking up any leaks. Opting for washable pads like these ones is not only an environmentally friendly choice, but also an economical one that can save you at least $80 in three months compared to buying disposable. Better yet, these ones are made from bamboo which is ultra soft and super absorbent! 

Features of Reusable Breast Pads: 

  • Durable
  • Machine washable 
  • 12cm in diameter 
  • Made of bamboo rayon, microfibre and PUL

2. Reusable swim nappy

Forget disposable nappies if you want to keep things eco-friendly. Using reusable nappies is one way to help massively reduce your waste and minimise landfill. The reusable swim nappies from Baby Beehinds are seriously cute and ultra practical for swimming time. They’re one size fits all and suitable for babies to wear until around three years of age (or toilet trained). Pop a few of these on your gift registry so you always have a clean one at hand while the other is in the washing machine!

Features of Baby Beehinds Swim Nappy: 

  • Suitable for newborns -three years old 
  • Adjustable with clasp buttons and velcro straps 
  • Fast drying
  • Machine washable

3. Baby Water Bottle 

Besides being an environmentally friendly option (as opposed to plastic bottles), the Comotomo bottle is also a seriously smart and hygienic option. Made from 100% medical grade silicone, it’s actually naturally anti-microbial and hygienic. This is a great one for your gift registry as you’ll use it whether you’re breastfeeding, bottle-feeding or a bit of both. Designed with smart vents, it’s leak proof and even works to help prevent colic.

Features of Comotomo Bottle: 

  • Made of medical grade silicone
  • BPA, PVC and Phthalates free 
  • Microwave, dishwasher and steriliser safe
  • Naturally anti-microbial and hygienic

4. Baby bidet

File under totally ingenious and eco-friendly heaven. You can expect to change your newborns nappy around 8-10 times a day (sometimes more), and this all amounts to using a ton of wet wipes and a lot of waste. Cut down on your wet wipe usage with the baby bidet. It’s a reusable device that squirts out water to clean your baby’s bottom without the need for using wipes. 

Features of Baby Bidet: 

  • Reusable device
  • Save approx. 2000 wet wipes per year
  • Squirts water

5. Muslin cloth

So versatile, and very eco-friendly, you can literally use a muslin cloth for anything! Our favourite ways include as a swaddle, burping cloth, to wipe up spills and even as a lightweight blanket. We love the 100% organic cotton cloths from Liewood – they’re so soft and breathable and will work perfectly against delicate baby skin.  At under $60, they’re a great lower priced item to add to your Gift Registry too. 

Features of Liewood Muslin Cloth: 

  • Made from 100% cotton
  • Come in a pack of 4 
  • Use as a swaddle, burping cloth or blanket 

6. Silicone plate

You won’t use it straight away, but you’ll be ready to go when weaning time comes around with a set of silicone plates! They’re ultra eco-friendly (say goodbye to plastic) and super practical. The Bumkins Silicone Grip Dish comes with three practical compartments and will stay in place, secure from busy little hands. Press the plate down and it will stick to a smooth surface with natural suction – preventing little ones from pushing, tipping, or throwing it.

Features of Bumkins Silicone Grip Dish:

  • Three separate sections
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • Made from food grade silicone
  • Durable
  • Stain resistant 

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